Sea of Thieves Treasure

These are the quests that are very simple and straight to the point. Go to the island and either figure out the clue OR use the treasure map(s) to find where the X on the map is. These quests can either be quite beneficial, if you’re efficient, or an incredible waste of time depending on where the quest tells you to go. Use this Gold Hoarders Buried Treasure Guide to make your most time

Solving the Riddles

When it comes to the riddle quests, these are the ones that can yield some PRETTY good treasure artifacts (typically in a chest filled with gold), or sometimes you’ll find a couple of lame items that make your treasure hunting a waste of time. Always a gamble with these ones. 

 If you have the riddle quest, it’ll let you know exactly which island to travel to as the first sentence, and once you arrive the next piece of the riddle will appear. SO, with each of these riddles comes 2-4 “Points of Interest” that you must find and then do a certain task to unlock the next piece.

For example, playing an instrument on a certain island peak, or holding your lantern up to a specific gravestone. There can be HEAPS of combinations for every island, but typically the riddles are straight forward. 

After the riddle shenanigans are complete, you’ll come to the FINAL part of the note, telling you to find another point of interest, but this time you’ll need to walk however many paces it tells you to, in the right direction. Take out your shovel and smack the ground real good. At this point, a bunch of skeletons are probably gonna spawn, so be prepared for that.

 And here’s a tip, pull out your compass, hold it up to your face (so either hold click or hold trigger) and if you walk you’ll notice you walk PACES instead of running. This will more accurately tell you where the treasure is buried. 

X Marks the Spot

The OTHER treasure maps are far more easy to figure out, if you know your islands. Simply locate which island the map is showing (may take some time if you’re new to the game), head on over and use your surrounding to locate the X on the map. 

Now, in my personal opinion, if the island is MASSIVE just don’t bother. You’ll find better loot sitting on small islands ABOVE the sand in a minute than you will digging up the entirety of a huge island for half an hour. Unless a big island has multiple digging spots, just move on.

The only other map you may find will have a little gold seal on it, meaning that it’s a part of a SERIES of treasure maps you will find, so it’s basically just a continuous run of treasure maps you can go on.

Sea of Thieves Treasure
Sea of Thieves Gold hoarders

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