Sea of Thieves Vaults

Treasure Vaults, if you’re either experience or have a couple extra hands, these are the Gold Hoarder’s quests you want to go on. Piles of gold and treasure scattered about a small area makes them worth your time. Use this Gold Hoarder’s Treasure Vault Guide to ensure you can CLEAN OUT the vault and put that gold in your pocket.

Finding the Vault

These quests start by giving you nothing but a compass BUT this is one of those Jack Sparrow compasses that leads you exactly where you need to go. The compass needle will sway in the direction you want to go, and when you get close to the island.

Once you get on the island (if you’re on a crew of more than just you, typically you can just shoot another player to the island to quickly find the clue) use the compass to guide you to where you need to dig. Once the compass starts spinning like crazy, dig straight down and you’ll find yourself a bottled piece of a treasure map. 

Now, from there you can do one of a couple things. You can either check to see if the map piece has the red X on it, with enough of the island to make out specifically which one it is, cause at that point you might as well just go and dig up the key. If the map piece is useless, nothing makes sense, use the compass again and head to the next island to get the next map fragment.

Once you DO find the map piece with the recognizable island the red X, head on over. This time you’ll be digging up an entire chest with gold, possible artifacts, and the key to the vault. Skeletons will more than likely pop up, so be ready to fight em. Once you have the vault key, place it on the ground and read the inscription, it’ll tell you exactly what island you need to travel to. 

Each island vault has a different pedestal close by to the vault that you need to place the key on top of, and once you place the key the vault will openly very shortly after, so be ready to go at that point because this is a timed event. Once the main vault door is open, you have around 3 minutes to get ALL the chests out of the main door (just rest them right outside the vault) and try to complete the main puzzle. Usually it’s easier when you have 3 or more players involved with this process, as there can be a LOT of valuable stuff in there to haul out, while one player figures out the vault puzzle. 

Inside the Vault

For the main puzzle, you need to find 3 medallions scattered randomly throughout the room, and they glow white so keep your eyes open for them. Once you have all three medallions, place them all in the central room piece, the tiny tub of water, which has three squares inside it with designs on them.

 If you look up, you’ll notice FOUR pillars with turn-able square designs on them. The left most three pillars are in the exact order of the three designs in the pool of water, so match those up EXACTLY, and the fourth pillar is a mashup of ALL three of the previous designs. Once you have everything turned to the correct order, press the button above the medallions, and the door should open revealing a Chest of Ancient Tributes, the most valuable chest in the room and DEFINITELY one to try and get. 

After your three minutes is up, and you’ve gotten everything you can out of the vault, the door will slam shut and the room will flood with water, killing any players left inside. This CAN be a moment, however, if you have multiple crewmates who are willing to die to try and collect the gold on the ground, if you didn’t have enough time to grab them already.

 And that’s the vault complete!

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