Guide to Fighting the Kraken

Guide to Fighting the Kraken

So, you’ve angered Davey Jones, and now you have to defend yourself and your crew from his attack dog. Well, lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Here is your Guide to Fighting the Kraken in the Sea of Thieves.

Kraken Appears

At the beginning of your encounter the sea will turn black as it is being dyed by the ink of the Kraken. Best thing to do is to stop your ship, dropping the anchor is best since you wont be sailing very fast in the inked water anyways. This also helps with your cannon shots as they will shoot straight, and not be effected by your movement. The Kraken as 3 main attacks that you need to watch out for:

Kraken Attacks

Next you need to keep an eye out for is when the Kraken grabs ahold of your ship. Now depending on your ship size there are a few different places where it will grab onto. Worst bit is that while the Kraken has ahold of your ship you will take on HEAPS of water, so shoot or stab that tentacle until it releases you.

Definitely the most annoying attack that the Kraken has is his grapple attack. This means he will literally yank you off the ship and start to “chew” on you. You will either be swallowed or spat out across the sea so make sure you get inside where its safe when he begins this attack. 

Lastly and most commonly, the Kraken will literally slap your ship silly. Keep an eye on the closer tentacles as when they start to real back it may be time to take cover and start repairing.

Defeating the Kraken

Depending on your ship/crew size, the difficulty will vary, so just make sure you have a good rotation of Pirate shooting, repairing and bailing out water. 

Now I say Defeating the Kraken, because no one can actually Kill the Kraken. All you need to do it make this angry sea pickle realize that you and your ship aren’t worth its time, which is easily done by blasting as many of its tentacles into little tiny bits.

Once you’ve blasted away at enough of the tentacles to make the Kraken retreat, its time to real in the loot. Make sure you cook up that Kraken Meat and scoop up the loot that is dropped by each tentacle defeated. 

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