Guide to Fighting the Megalodon

Guide to Fighting the Megalodon

Once the Megalodon was only a myth. Then, it was only seen when summoned by an unique ritual. Now, The Megalodon now surfaces whenever it seems fit, or hungry, and descends upon the unexpecting Pirate. So prepare yourself for dealing with the Queen of Sardines by following this Guide to Fighting the Megalodon in the Sea of Thieves. 

Attack of the Megalodon

When the Megalodon spawns, its quite hard to miss. This 4 eyed Mega Shark leaps out of the water with a terrifying roar letting you know that they have decided to invite you to dinner, with you being the main course of course.

Luckily the Megalodon only has one actual attack, which if you’re brave enough can be stopped. The Megalodon will circle your ship over and over until it finds the spot that it really wants to bite down on. Once it starts its charge it can be stopped, just takes a few well placed cannon shots to make it change its mind.

The Megalodon spawns in 5 different varieties, all seeming random, with each variety having more health and dropping more loot depending on the rarity. There are accommodations for defeating every type of Megalodon so be sure to look at the color of their top fins to see what rarity they are.

Once defeated make sure you scoop up all the dropped loot including that precious Megalodon meat, which can be sold to your friendly neighborhood Hunters Call Alliance for a nice sum. 

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