Fallout 76

OP Gauss Minigun Build

The Gauss Minigun is hands down one of the best *NEW* weapons in the game, with the potential to deal obscene amounts of explosive damage, wiping the floor with any enemies in your path


Bloodied Heavy Gunners Build

Sometimes, when Heavy Guns just aren't enough, you gotta take things to the extreme. Introducing the Bloodied Heavy Gunners Build.

Fallout 76 Plasma Caster Build

Plasma Caster V.A.T.S. Crit Build

Wastelanders introduced The Plasma Caster. This Heavy Gun can deal absolutely insane damage, with incredibly high chances to hitting your enemies in V.A.T.S.

Fallout 76 Heavy Gun

Heavy Gunners Build

This is Fallout, it's time to put down the little loser guns and fire the one that cost you 400,000 dollars to fire for 12 seconds. Here you have: The Heavy Gunners Build