Valheim Bosses

Some of the bosses can be a bit tricky to understand, or possibly difficult to know how to quickly kill. Here is a guide to each of the bosses on how to spawn them and then how to take them down.

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Boss #1 | Eikthyr

Valheim Eikthyr

Eikthry, the first of five bosses, is definitely the easiest (which… makes sense). This boss is summoned through going to a Mystical Altar and placing down just 2 deer head trophies, which have a chance to drop when you kill a deer.

This fight isn’t the hardest, but it’s also not easy if you go in ill-equipped. That being said, you’ll want to AT LEAST be wearing Leather Armor and have eaten 3 food items (I recommend Cooked Meat, Cooked Neck Tail, and Yellow Mushrooms that are found in crypts). You’ll want to have crafted a bow with PLENTY of both fire and flint arrows. This fight can be fought at close range if you’re skilled enough with blocking and knowing when the enemy is open to attack you can get some solid hits with your axe.

Once you summon the boss, you’ll have a couple seconds to see where exactly they will spawn in, and you can move from there. You need to know about 2 major attacks that will force you to move around, but for the most part you can kite the boss around the large rocks surrounding the summoning site. 

The two major attacks that you need to watch out for is a massive ranged lightning burst attack that will strike you pretty hard if you’re not behind cover. The second is his charge explosion, which will get you wherever you are if you’re within his “bubble”. You’ll see a massive lightning looking orb growing around Eikthry, which will eventually explode and deal quite a substantial amount of damage. Other than that, you’ll just need to watch out for his charge, which is his basic “light attack” if you want to call it something. If you’re too close to Eikthyr, he’ll buck you around trying to get some quick hits on you. 

This boss can be tricky to deal close range damage on due to his quick maneuvering around the battlefield, so I’d highly recommend using Fire Arrows once or twice to get a ticking ongoing damage, while you then swap over to Flint Arrows and just spray down Eikthyr until the Fire damage comes to and end, where you just repeat the process.

Boss #2 | The Elder

Valheim The Elder

The Elder can be QUITE the challenge for players expecting it not to be much tougher that the Eikthyr. If you waltz into this fight unprepared, you’ll definitely get your clock cleaned, so make sure you take a couple things in with you! 

FIRST AND FOREMOST, you’ll need 3 Ancient Seeds to summon this boss at his altar, which are easily acquired through either the killing of Greydwarf Brutes OR destroying a Greydward spawner (the purple glowing things within the Black Forest). On top of that, you can find the actual location of the Elder by exploring Crypts or Ruins in the Black Forest that occasionally have a rune stone that shows the location of the altar by activating it.

At this point, you probably have a lot of Cooked Meat, Grilled Neck Tails, and maybe even some Cooked Fish. I highly recommend slot all three of those for this fight. Amongst your food, trying to have on either Troll Armor (Level II) or Bronze Armor. Each will provide a substantial upgrade to your damage resistance, and this boss will take some strong swings at you.

This is a literal walking tree, an Ent for those of you educated in the ways of Tolkien, so you’ll want to have at LEAST a fine bow with both a stack of (roughly) 100 Bronze Arrows and 100 Fire Arrows. I noticed when fighting The Elder how little damage my close up weaponry was dealing, and if I got too close I would get stomped on, so the far range fighting is definitely the way to go.

There are four massive pillars at this fight, and the boss has two major attack moves, next to his regular melee attacks. The first attack he will constantly throw at you (literally) is vines. Every so often he will VERY quickly whip vines at you, and lots of them, so you’ll want to try to either get behind a pillar to avoid getting slapped (as they deal a lot of damage if you get caught for a couple seconds) or just run like heck.

The second attack is more of a battlefield controller, The Elder will bring up a lot of far reaching tree roots that will smack you if you get too close, forcing you to move to a safer location. 

The Elder will constantly trying to close the gap between the two of you, but in this fight you’ll want to keep your distance and just litter him with arrows until he falls. My recommended tactic would be to fire one or two Fire Arrows and then as MANY Bronze arrows as you can to deal the high damage numbers as the fire damage ticks away at his health. Although this is a very stamina costly fight with the amount of running, dodging, and arrow shooting, this is probably the best way to approach this fight until I find a better way.

Boss #3 | Bonemass

Valheim Bonemass

Bonemass, out of all the bosses, may just be the absolute toughest. This boss is nothing but a giant blob of poison barfing damage, not to mention you have to fight Bonesmass in the swamp so you’re always with the “Wet” effect.

In order to find Bonemass, you must explore Swamp Crypts and/or Swamp Ruins. There may or may not be a Rune Stone in these locations that will pinpoint the summoning site for Bonemass, so make sure you have a Swamp (or Swamps) nearby to explore and find the Rune.

Thing is, there’s a couple good ways to approach this boss to help you out drastically when fighting him. BUT FIRST:

Once you’ve found the location of Bonemass, there’s a couple things that you’ll guaranteed want to bring into this fight. First things first, Poison Resistance Potions. I cannot stress this enough, bring AT LEAST 6 (so one meads worth) of Poison Resistance potions per player going in. This fight will shred through you if you don’t have these potions activated at all times.

Next, I recommend eating some Stamina buffing food, as you’ll be in the swamp which means you’ll constantly be under the “Wet” effect. When I went in, I had Cooked Lox Meat, Sausages, and Queen’s Jam. Each of these will drastically bring up your Health and Stamina levels. Bring plenty of Health Potions as well, just in case you feel like you’ll be taking damage a lot (you need to Parry Bonemass to get the most damage).

Finally, and strangely enough, bring a Hoe. Going into the Swamp means lot of potential water filled puddles that are deep enough for you to swim in. You DO NOT want to fall into one of these during the fight, or Bonemass will quickly catch up to you and deal some pretty good damage to you, especially if he applies his Poison damage to you. Use the Hoe to level the battlefield BEFORE you spawn Bonemass, it makes the fight a lot easier if you’re on the ground.

Make sure you have 10 Withered Bones on you to summon Bonemass. You can find these mainly in the Swamp Crypts, so grab them when you see em!

Other than that, I recommend going in with Iron Armor or higher, using BLUNT Weapons, which means an Iron Mace would come in handy here. Although Bonemass is resistant to Arrow damage, it’s worth it to bring in either the Draugr’s Fang or the Huntsman’s Bow with a HEAP of Wood Arrows. That’s just to continue applying damage to him while he’s at a distance AND to kill all the mobs he spawns.

SPEAKING OF WHICH! Mechanics! Like I mentioned, Bonemass will chuck a pair of Blobs every now and again, which means you’ll want a bow to deal damage to them at a distance. Blobs have that AOE attack that releases poison, and you don’t need MORE poison on you during this fight, so deal with them quickly.

Bonemass also had a couple of melee attack abilities, one being a ground pound, the other being a heavy swipe. Remember, Bonemass can, in fact, be Parried in every melee situation, so if you’re comfortable and confident getting up close to parry when you can, this will help you deal some massive damage.

Finally, Bonemass has his MOST toxic ability, and that’s barfing a massive cloud of poison damage a good 10-20 feet all around him. When you see him starting to puke, turn around and RUN. Typically just a second or two after he barfs can you run back into the cloud without taking damage, BUT sometimes it’d still be applied to us, so I recommend just hitting him with arrows during this attack.

One of the tactics I’ve seen several people do is build up a fort in the Swamp Trees around the spawner. Bonemass has NO ranged damage, except for throwing those blobs around (which most likely won’t reach you if you’re high up enough). Although this way will make the fight take probably 5 times as long, which Bonemass takes a good 5-10 minutes on the ground depending on your Parry ability, just because arrows don’t deal a great amount of damage to him. 

Boss #4 | Moder

Valheim Moder

The Moder fight in Valheim isn’t that difficult if you just simply bring the essentials for mainly fighting long range, but have Stamina potions for the occasional up close mega damage you can deal. She has both a resistant to Blunt Damage and Frost Damage.

In order to find the Moder spawn location, you need to locate one of the Moder Rune Stones that are exclusively located up in the Mountain Biomes. The Rune Stones most commonly are found within the castle ruins which are usually only guarded by a couple of skeletons, maybe the occasional Drakes flying around. VERY rarely will the Rune stones appear outside of the Castle Ruins, but a couple of my friends have indeed found random Moder Rune Stones just sitting in the Mountain snow.

In order to find the Moder spawn location, you need to locate one of the Moder Rune Stones that are exclusively located up in the Mountain Biomes. The Rune Stones most commonly are found within the castle ruins which are usually only guarded by a couple of skeletons, maybe the occasional Drakes flying around. VERY rarely will the Rune stones appear outside of the Castle Ruins, but a couple of my friends have indeed found random Moder Rune Stones just sitting in the Mountain snow.

Next, in order to Spawn Moder once you’ve found her altar, you must bring 3 Dragon Eggs. Once again, these are ONLY found in the Mountain Biome, and they’re really easy to spot. Because they’re literally GIANT PURPLE GLOWING eggs. Only problem is that they’re incredibly heavy, so make sure you’re wearing the Megingjord Belt so you can carry 450 weight instead of 300. 

For equipment, this is mostly a Long Range damage fight, and you can apply a good amount of Poison Damage to her if you bring the Draugr’s Fang with you, alongside (I recommend) a heap of Obsidian, Iron/Silver, or Needle Arrows. Because you’re using the Draugr’s Fang, you could even use Wood Arrows if you’re low on resources or fight mainly with melee, because I found that they still dealt a pretty substantial amount of damage to her. 

This fight happens on a Mountain as well, so you’ll need either a Lox or Wolf Pelt Cape in order to survive the freezing conditions. make SURE you’re not under the “Wet” effect when you get up there, or else it counters the Frost Resistance on your Cape. 

For Food, I recommend bringing Lox Meat Pie, Blood Pudding, and Fish Wraps as they will maximize your health and stamina for the fight.

Bring PLENTY of Stamina Potions as well, because there’s a part in the fight where you can get up and close, but if you’re stamina is completely drained you’ll have that annoying “Hit… wait…. Hit…. wait…. Hit” sequence, where you’re fighting your Stamina regeneration more than the boss.

Other than that, go into this fight wearing Wolf Armor with the Drake Helmet to give yourself the best amount of protection possible. Moder takes a good amount of damage from Swords, so that’s what I recommend having, just a good Iron/Silver Sword, alongside a good Iron/Silver Shield.

Moder has a couple different attacks, and none of them are insta-kills IF you’re watching out for them. The first is an aerial ranged attack, much like the Drakes. She breathes ice that will hurl towards you rather quickly, so just have a good shield blocking. During this phase of the fight, just simply shoot Arrows at her when the opportunity presents itself, besides that there’s not a whole lot you can do.

Moder will eventually land, and here you will enter a Melee battle to the death. Hopefully Moder’s, not yours. Here she has TWO Melee attacks, ONE Ranged. The first attack is a bite that will deal some VERY heavy damage, depending on your armor anywhere from 30-60 damage, killing players that aren’t ready for it. She also had a swipe attack that’s predictable, so you should definitely have time to parry and get some good critical hits on her. If you miss and she hits you, the attack can deal anywhere from 30-60 damage as well. Finally, there’s a ranged ice breath attack she does that is identical to when she’s flying, but not it’s right in your face and deals instant damage when it hits you. If she hits you, this could be a good 60-100 Damage.

Fire Arrows are quite effective on her, as well as the Poison, as they tick for a good 2-5 damage per second, just to help keep chopping away at her health. Using a Silver Sword, and having your sword skill decently leveled, you can hit anywhere from 50-140 three hit damage. 

When Moder dies, she’ll drop you her Trophy to hang up and unlock a power that ALWAYS gives you wind in your sails. On top of that, you’ll get Crystals and Tears, which are used in the creating of NEW Crafting Tables, such as the Artisan’s Table.

Boss #5 | (Coming Soon)

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