Wanting to make some delicious looking foods in New World but lack some major ingredients? Well no need to worry, we got you covered with this guide on where to find barley in New World.

Barley Locations by Region

Barley is just about impossible to find in New Worlds. It is a rare item that I’ve only seen a handful of times at specific areas but it can be gathered by any level harvester. Barley is only needed for a few recipes that I’ve seen so far, however, I’m sure there is an OP food item out there that needs it and with the limited areas to gather this is by far the hardest ingredient to get your hands on. Luckily, at level 20 you can track farm plants and berries. If you are ever having troubles locating these plants just keep an eye on your compass and you’ll see any that are nearby. 


Monarch's Bluff

Ok, so there are about 5-6 barley lined up to gather in this area, however there is also a dozen LVL 19 enemies surrounding this spot. So if you plan on snagging these barley be ready for a fight.

New World Barley Locations

🎵The Barley  is grown, where the buffalo roam, and the windmill is spinning all day.🎵

 This out of the way location is my go to for barley since there are no enemies, except a random boar or two, and it’s not a named place on the map so players don’t often visit.

New World Barley Locations

Ebonscale Reach

Just south of Euphorcea is a small farm with a good half dozen barley growing. Just watch out for the Level 50+ monsters

New World Barley Locations

Northeast of Serenity Outpost is this farm, there are well close to 10 barley that spawn in this area, along side level 50+ Tigers, or Lions (oh my).

New World Barley Locations