New World Rice

The rough part of making your favorite meals in New World are the limited and hard to find ingredients. Rice is just ONE hard to find resource! 

Currently Rice can be found in Monarch’s Bluffs, Restless Shore, and Shattered Mountain. There’s a catch though: You still have to grind Provision crates which have a chance to spawn your needed ingredient. 

Provision crates will respawn around the 45 minute mark after you have opened them.

Monarch’s Bluffs Provision Locations (level 1-25)

Monarch’s Bluffs is THE spot for your Rice provision crates! Low level enemies and many crates to choose from make this place your new best friend.

Restless Shore Provision Locations (Level 41-46)

Restless Shore has very few crates and only one is near the settlement. 

Shattered Mountain Provision Locations (Level 60+)

Shattered Mountain has a decent amount of crates to up your chances of scoring some Rice.

All information gathered was from personal gameplay and from with permission.