The rough part of making your favorite meals in New World are the limited and hard to find ingredients. Sugar is just ONE hard to find resource! Currently Sugar can be found in Windsward, Ebonscale Reach, and Reekwater. There’s a catch though: You still have to grind Provision crates which have a chance to spawn your needed ingredient. Provision crates will respawn around the 45 minute mark after you have opened them.

Windsward Provision Locations (level 1-25)

You will probably want to start East and head South and then West to collect Sugar in Windsward.

Ebonscale Reach Provision Locations (Level 51-60+)

Safe to say you can go North or South in this area and you will come face to face with a ton of provisioning crates. 

Reekwater Provision Locations (Level 58-60+)

Reekwater is the least desirable as far as provisioning crates go. Enemies are high level and crates are scarce. 

All information gathered was from personal gameplay and from with permission.