New World

Azoth is essential in New World. This powerful element is used for fast travel and crafting alike – trust me, nothing is as good as fast travel when you have to go across the entire map. New World Azoth is primarily received by completing quests and closing breaches, however, if you use some simple crafting to your advantage, you can collect Azoth as easy as collecting lumber. 

Easy Crafting to get Azoth

First things first, you’ll want to get to a town Workshop (a level two workshop) and open the menu to select Gathering tools. We are starting with simple Iron tools and we will be adding a perk which allows a large chance to obtain Azoth when using it. 

Start by crafting each Iron tool (Skinning Knife, Logging axe, Mining Pick and Sickle) one by one.) In order to craft these tools, you’ll need some basic Iron Ingots, Timber and Coarse Leather. If you don’t have these, head out of the town and gather them real quick. 

When crafting, you are looking for the “Azoth Extraction” perk which is super easy to get. Worst case, it may take a couple times crafting the item to get the perk. 

Now that all four of your tools have the Azoth Extraction perk, you’ll be picking up Azoth as naturally as picking up resources. You’ll want to craft these as soon as possible in the game so you start benefiting from them right away.

Other - Less cool ways - to get New World Azoth

One Option to receive Azoth is by completing quests and gaining Azoth as a reward.

Another way to receive Azoth is by defeating NPC enemies and pick up Azoth on their death, however, only NPCs level 20 and above will drop Azoth as a reward so you will have to wait a while to reap this benefit. 

Lastly, the final way to farm Azoth is to grind corruption points at Corruption portals once you hit around level 25. These points can be found as red diamonds on your map. 

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