How to get Second Heart in Cyberpunk 2077

Second Heart is one of the greatest pieces of Circulatory System Cyberware you can possibly want to get in the game. It’s, essentially, an extra life that activates the moment you die, allowing you to keep on fighting. There’s also a pesky achievement you can get using this, so it’s nice to know WHERE to get it.

First off all, remember that Second Heart is made specifically for Body builds, meaning that you’ll need to be Level 16 in Body in order to effectively use Second Heart.

Second Heart Location

I’m not gonna waste your time here, you know you want second heart, here’s where you get it.

There’s a Ripper Doc named “Doc Ryder.” He is probably one of the best Ripper Docs in the game, as he doesn’t JUST sell the Second Heart, but has a surplus of some of the best Cyberware you can get in the game. 

To get to Doc Ryder, head to the Pumping Station Fast Travel point on the furthermost WEST side of Heywood, it’s right along the edge of the water there. Once you arrive, you’ll see the Ripper Doc shop location literally right across the street from you on the map.

Head over there, run up the stairs, and you’ll see a MASSIVE sign saying “Doc Ryder.” Head on in, and you’ll find him standing in front of a display case. The Second Heart is here in Circulatory Systems!

Best of luck, and if you’re not so lucky, well, Second Heart will make things better!

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