Valheim Draugr Fang Bow

The Draugr Fang is possibly one of the best bows you can get in Valheim due to it’s insane damage numbers AND applicable poison damage. It’s not the easiest bow to grind out the resources for, but if you’re willing to venture deep into the swamps, and mine silver high up on the mountain tops, you’ll get yourself quite the powerful weapon.

Oh, and it looks friggin awesome, I’d use it even if it dealt absolute crap damage just cause it looks cool.

Draugr Fang Resources

10 Ancient Bark

Ancient Bark is found exclusively in the Swamp Biome and is obtained easily through mining the Ancient Trees in the area. Sometimes Swamp Crypts will also contain a couple stacks of Ancient Bark, so it’s not a bad idea to check them as well!

20 Silver

Silver is mined with an Iron Pickaxe in the Mountain Region, and is found underground using the Wishbone. I highly recommend you use the Lox Cape when going up into the mountains to keep you from taking that frost damage.

2 Deer Hide


10 Guck

This is probably the most “grindy” resources, because it’s found VERY infrequently in Swamps on specific trees. You’ll see massive glowing green globs up in specific trees, and you need to hit those with an axe in order to collect them. Bronze Axe or higher.

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