How to Make Gold Fast

So, you got your eye on some of those cosmetics and want to know how you can make gold fast and go on a shopping spree? Well, you’re in luck, here’s the “how to make gold fast” guide for Sea of Thieves.

Risky Method

Ok, so everyone by now should realize that Sea of Thieves is a pirate game, where taking from others is literally in the name. Greedy pirates are a constant risk you encounter when trying to make fast gold, so don’t be discouraged if this happens to you.

Trade Routes

How to Make Gold Fast List of Commodities available at Merchant Alliance

Introduced in season 2, Trade Routes were so profitable that players could make over 200k gold in just over an hour. Due to this they were instantly nerfed but still remained profitable, now you can make an easy 40k (NOT including emissary bonus) an hour by completing trade routes alone.

Best part about trade routes is that not only can you do them solo but they can be completed in conjunction with voyages as they are not an actual voyage themselves. You also earn emissary value for selling the commodities so as you’re working the trade route your emissary bonus continues to grow.

Merchant Alliance Trade Route

Click here for the full Merchant Alliance Trade Routes Guide

The basic idea behind this method is to start with an emissary 5 flag BEFORE selling your commodities. This way you earn 150% more gold with each commodity sold. You will be at a higher risk of players attacking you but High Risk, High Reward is the name of this game.

Sea of Thieves Lost Shipment

I recommend starting with a Lost Shipment voyage to get to level 5 emissary the fastest. For more information about that voyage here's our Lost Shipment Guide.

You want to make a single trip around to each outpost, buying up all the commodities and selling ONLY the ones that are in high demand. This information is written down in the book next to the Merchant at the dock and will ensure you get the most gold for each item. Once you’ve reached your final outpost just sell off all the remaining commodities and log out to reset the server and do it all over again.

Treasure Vaults Method

Sea of Thieves

We all should know that the Gold Hoarders are just swimming in piles of gold every night. They know how to get piles of gold so taking a page from their book (or a voyage in this case) brings us to our next method of making gold fast.

Although the Treasure Vault voyages can be completed solo, you earn WAY more gold completing them in a group of 3 or 4. Reason for this is that each vault is LOADED with treasure and piles of gold just waiting for you to get your hands on, but with a time limit to grab it all.

Sea of Thieves Vaults

It is recommended to complete this voyage with a level 5 emissary flag to max out your profits. Click here for the full Treasure Vaults Guide.

Key to success in these vaults is getting every piece of loot out the door and every pile of gold. This means delegation! Here’s how I assign the tasks.

  • 1 Crew member climbing up and dropping treasure AND medallions off the ledges onto the ground.
  • 1 Crew member grabbing medallions from the ground and solving the puzzle. Once solved they are to start scooping up piles of gold.
  • 1 Crew member in charge of grabbing treasure from the ground and putting them outside the vault door
  • 1 Crew member (if you have a full crew of four) assisting with dropping treasure to the floor while picking up gold piles on the higher levels or just being a lookout for incoming ships.

All of the gold piles picked up are instantly rewarded to your pockets, but the treasures will need to be hauled back and sold in order to make bank. So make sure you move quickly to escort your gold back to the nearest Gold Hoarder to cash in your profit and pick up a new Treasure Vault Voyage.

Safe Method

For those who would rather do a more grindy method of making gold in order to avoid the risks of other players taking your loot before you can turn it in, this is the method for you.

A Pirate's Life Tall Tale Part 2 Method

How to Make Gold Fast

Thanks to season 3 introducing new tall tales we now have a “safe place” to earn some gold. For this we want to focus on the first tall tale A Pirate’s Life second chapter. This is easily repeatable and will earn you about 8k gold every 15 minutes once you get the hang of it.

Tall Tale

Before we start, if you haven't already completed the tall tale I suggest doing so first as this will spoil some of the adventure. Click here to see our guide on completing the story portion of the tall tale.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty part of the grind. This starts at chapter two of the tall tale, so you’ll need to run through the first part until you get to the town on the other side of the cave.

Now that you’ve completed the parkour cave, head down the hill and light the beacon to open the gate and cross the bridge. Once across, ignore the Cursed Captain’s rambling and just start heading up and across the masts to cut down the cage.

Tall Tale

Take the elevator up and cross the first gap, you will now be at the double platform pulley. You want to use the pulley to position the platform in the center, hop to the first platform, then hop into the gap in the side of rocks on the right.

Commendations & Secrets

Grab Captain Bones’ Special Recipe and open the gate. Head up the mast to the Cursed Captain’s cage, drop the bottle off the edge so it’s on the ground and cut the captain free.

Tall Tale

Now that the Captain is down, hop off the mast and head inside the tavern to get the key to his cage. Waiting for the dialog is what makes this the longest so learning how to cut it short helps a lot.

Tall Tale

Open the captain’s cage with the key, and pick up his head. After you’ve picked it up drop him back on the ground and head to go dig up Poor Dougie. Dougie is buried under the docks that lead where the Ferryman’s ship would dock. Once dug up, light his lantern and return to the cursed captain.

You DON’T have to stick around for all the dialog, but you do have to wait till they finish talking to move on. Between the captain’s fallen cage and the tavern is a path that leads to the back of a ship. Go inside and you’ll see two skeletons playing chess. Light the candle on the table and then head back outside to the torch.

Near the torch is the buried treasure that Poor Dougie wants, dig it up and return it to him. Once you’ve given it to him he’ll give you the key, open the chest and take the medallion to the two skeletons playing chess.

Commendations & Secrets

Now’s time to put everything in order, Drop the coin inside the ship and go grab the Captain Bones’ Special Brew Recipe to fill up the tankard, then bring the Cursed Captain’s skull back to the room.

Once you’re able, put the medallion on the table and the captain’s skull on the skeleton to win the match. Take the key back to the elevator and head up and unlock the door where your treasure awaits.

How to Make Gold Fast

Collect all the gold bags and piles. You then want to leave the game and return to the main menu. This allows you to resume your tall tale at the start of the town and make gold whenever you have time.

Rinse and repeat these steps and you’ll end up with your own hoard of gold acquired safely in no time.

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