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Welcome to the Sea of Thieves, a Pirate’s Life, Season 3 update! This is THE guide to the final Tall Tale of the series, Lords of the Sea. If you don’t want any spoilers you best minimize this page now or forever hold your grog. This guide holds EVERY hidden commendation location, so you can rest assured knowing you won’t miss a thing.

Lords of the Sea Tall Tale Guide

Beginning The Tale

To begin, you need to vote for the Lords of the Sea Tall Tale at the Castaways camp at any Outpost. Once your crew has voted, you can enjoy the cutscene that has been set up for you. Just like the fourth Tall Tale, Lords of the Sea Tall Tale is NOT in a solo instance, so keep an eye out for other ships as they can interrupt your progress. Once storytime is over, check the skies and you should see that Davy Jones has uploaded his face to the cloud, head that way to begin the fun.

Lords of the Sea - Part 1

Unlike the other tall tales, this one is relatively straightforward and quite simple in terms of figuring out what to do next. Once you start to get close to Jones’ cloud face the eyes will light up and soon the real fun will begin.

Lucky for you you won’t be going Solo, Jack Sparrow will help you in this fight and it turns out he is quite a good shot. So if you don’t have a friend to man the cannons Jack will do it for you.

Jones will summon a fortress from below the sea, looking a lot like those spires from the second tall tale, along with a fleet of ghost ships. Now this isn’t our first interaction with ghost ships here in Sea of Thieves, but if it’s your first time just remember, three hits then they quits.

Hitting any of these basic ghost ships three times with anything shot from your cannon will scuttle them.

Speaking of scuttling, to earn the Ancient Armada commendation you’ll need to scuttle 20 of these ghost ships, they do respawn so if you don’t progress too far in the tall tale, you can just keep sinking them and you’ll earn the commendation in no time.

After you scuttle a few ghost ships Jones will cry and say something about how you’re going to pay for what you’re doing. He’ll start to summon massive statues from below the sea and more ghost ships. These statues can be ignored for the moment if you want to earn the previously mentioned commendation.

Once you’ve had your fill of scuttling ships it’s time to focus on the statues. These each have a large red dome over them, which we all know “step in the red, you’ll soon be dead” so keep a safe distance while you’re smashing them to bits.

After destroying your first statue Jones will yell at you and bring up more statues. Now around this time Jack will abandon your ship and head to captain his own. After a few moments Jack will return but with the Black Pearl to aid you in the fight.

Now with TWO ships fighting Jones the battle will start to pick up, more ships and statues will show up, and Jones will cry and complain a lot more. Continue to scuttle and destroy everything Jones throws at you.

In my case I only ended up with about 5 siren statues destroyed in my first completion of this tall tale. You will need 10 destroyed for the commendation, so if this happens to you then just repeat the Tall Tale to earn that commendation.

Lords of the Sea - Part 2 Into the Spire

After blasting away at Jones armada eventually he will recall his ships, then Calypso and Jones will have a conversation before you can proceed.

Thanks to all the dry air the spire outer casing has started to dry and can now be blasted away piece by piece.

Using your cannon start blasting the spire to bits until Calypso comes in and lends a shocking hand to allow you to enter.

After Calypso’s light show Jack will remind you NON-STOP that you need to go into the spire as you are the only one who can save them. Indulge his request and head into the parkour spire, and collect all 5 Lost Soul Books on your way up!

Journal of the Forsaken Pirates - Perdition of the Past

Next to a male lost soul standing by coral.

Journal of the Forsaken Pirates - Marooned

On the second floor, to the left of the broken mast parkour.

Journal of the Forsaken Pirates - A Strange Escape

Before heading down the ship hull slide, check the bush for a hidden book.

Journal of the Forsaken Pirates - I Serve Davy Jones

After the slide, next to the lost soul on the left.

Journal of the Forsaken Pirates - A Company Man

Climb through the ship deck to the top, there is a captain’s soul standing next to the final book.

Now that you’ve collected that commendation head up the ladder and listen to James Norrington give a short speech before you face off with a crew of phantoms.

Defeat the crew and the final one will drop a familiar key, pick up the key and head to the chest next to James Norrington.

Once you open the chest Calypso will once again intervene and strike the chest. After Calypso’s done attacking, James Norrington will make a pointless one liner.

Make your escape from the tower and return to your ship as this fight is not yet over.

You’ve made it this far, time to finish what has been started. Jones will make one last attempt to defeat you.

Follow the Black Pearl in the attack on the Flying Dutchman. You can just hide for a while and let the rest of your fleet damage the Dutchman while you snack on a coconut, or join in the fight and blast as many holes into the Dutchman before she explodes and Jones is defeated.

Lords of the Sea - Part 3 The Black Pearl

Now that Jones is gone, it’s time to enjoy the ending of this Tall Tale, but not before a well deserved tour of the Black Pearl. While we’re here, let’s check off those 5 books that are scattered around the ship.

Jack's Journals - A Theft

Once you board the Black Pearl head straight to the front of the ship, sitting on the front mast is the first book.

Jack's Journals - A Problem

Head down below deck and check the bottom of the front mast again for book two.

Jack's Journals - A Longing

Head back to the main deck and enter the captain’s quarters. This book is on the table waiting to be read.

Jack's Journals - A Rumour

Leave the captain’s quarters and head up to the ship’s wheel, here is the fourth book behind Arthur Pendragon.

Jack's Journals - A Plan

Turn around and you’ll have the final book sitting on the rail by the rear mast. This will complete your commendation.

While you’ve been collecting books the Ferryman will be having a chat with Jack about the outcome of your battle with Davy Jones. This will conclude your Tall Tale and you will be asked to leave the Black Pearl.

Once you disembark the Black Pearl Jack will take her and the crew and sail off into the horizon.

If you’ve followed ALL of our guides on these Tall Tales you will unlock a new shanty, YO HO(A Pirate’s Life) Shanty

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