1. Argonian
  2. Breton

Mundus Stone:

  • The Ritual


  1. Earthgore
    • This is one of the go to healer monster sets and its pretty nice. This is a set that is pretty useful for healing in large groups such as trials or healing your entire group in a dungeon while curing them of negative effects.
  2. Nightflame (Optional)
    1. This is a very good set still, regardless of choosing Earthgore over it, and will compliment ANY healer very, VERY nicely. If you can’t get Earthgore right away, Nightflame is a close second.
  3. Sanctuary
    • This is another good group healing set for healers that gives you additional healing taken and adds to your maximum magicka and health.
  4. (Perfected) Olorime
    • This is a MUST HAVE for almost any big time healing build to succeed. Basically the backbone of your build, this set grants you additional maximum magicka and magicka recovery as well as granting you a circle of courage. Now, obviously, the perfected version can be a hassle to obtain, but using the standard version is still one of the best sets, so I still recommend using it over everything else.

Gear Specifics:

Gear SetsSetWeightEnchantTraitLocation
HeadEarthGoreHeavyPrismaticInfusedBlood Root Forge
ShoulderEarthGoreMediumMagickaDivinesBlood Root Forge
Chest Olorime LightPrismaticInfusedCloudrest
Arms Olorime LightMagickaDivinesCloudrest
Belt Olorime LightMagickaDivinesCloudrest
Legs Olorime LightPrismaticInfused Cloudrest
BootsOlorime LightMagickaDivines Cloudrest
NecklaceSanctuaryJewelryMagicka RecoveryInfusedAetherian Archive
Ring 1SanctuaryJewelryReduce Spell CostInfusedAetherian Archive
Ring 2SanctuaryJewelryMagicka RecoveryHarmony Aetherian Archive
Primary Weapon:
Restoration Staff
SanctuaryWeaponAbsorb MagickaPowered Aetherian Archive
Secondary Weapon:
Lightning Staff
MaelstromWeaponAbsorb HealthChargedVeteran Maelstrom Arena

Set Side-Notes:

  • Earthgore can be swapped out with Nightflame, if need be. Because Earthgore can be a pain to grind for, use Nightflame until you can complete Vet Bloodroot.


  • Witchmother’s Brew
  • Clockwork Citrus Filet (More expensive, but better)


  • Essence of Spell Power
    • (Lady’s Smock, Cornflower, Water Hyacinth)


Primary Bar: Resto StaffSecondary Bar: Destro Staff
1:Healing Springs Elemental Drain
2:Ward Ally Elemental Blockade
3:Combat Prayer Siphoning Attacks
4:Funnel Health Refreshing Path
5:Healthy Offering Energy Orb
Ultimate: Bolstering Darkness Bolstering Darkness


  1. Assassination
  2. Shadow
  3. Siphoning – Most important Tree to max out
  4. Restoration Staff
  5. Destruction Staff
  6. Armor: Light – ALL PASSIVES
  7. Armor: Medium – Dexterity, Wind Walker, Improved Sneak
  8. Armor: Heavy – Resolve, Constitution, Juggernaut
  9. Fighter’s Guild: Banish the Wicked
  10. Undaunted: Undaunted Command, Undaunted Mettle
  11. Argonian: Racial Passives

Champion Points (If Needed):

    • The Tower:
      • Warlord: 43
      • Siphoner: 0
      • Bashing Focus: 0
      • Sprinter: 0
    • The Lover
      • Tenacity: 63
      • Healthy: 64
      • Mooncalf: 0
      • Arcanist: 100
    • The Shadow
      • Shadow Ward: 0
      • Tumbling: 0
      • Befoul: 0
      • Shade: 0
    • The Antronach
      • Master-at-Arms: 0
      • Physical Weapon Expert: 0
      • Staff Expert: 0
      • Shattering Blows: 0
    • The Ritual
      • Thaumaturge: 0
      • Precise Strikes: 0
      • Piercing: 0
      • Mighty: 0
    • The Apprentice
      • Elemental Expert: 19
      • Blessed: 100
      • Elfborn: 100
      • Spell Erosion: 51
    • The Steed
      • Ironclad: 72
      • Resistant: 0
      • Medium Armor Focus: 0
      • Spell Shield: 10
    • The Lady
      • Hardy: 48
      • Thick Skinned: 63
      • Elemental Defender: 47
      • Light Armor Focus: 0
    • The Lord
      • Quick Recovery: 30
      • Heavy Armor Focus: 0
      • Bastion: 0
      • Expert Defender: 0


This Magicka Nightblade PVE Healer build is meant to focus on those around you with pure survivability OVER buffing off (which is why I run 2 Consuming Darkness to receive the shadow passive on both bars, and to leave War horn up to the tank(s))

Your first bar is your main source of healing bar, having TWO siphoning abilities on it to maintain a more solid amount of healing due to the passive under the Siphoning skill tree. Then you’ve got your main skills, Combat prayer and Ward Ally being your two consistent buffs to maintain, and then Healing Springs, Funnel Health being your spammables. Healthy Offering is an interesting ability, as you use it to gain minor mending, as WELL as it heals you at the cost of your own health.

Your buff & Main ATTACK bar is your Maelstrom arena staff, something to quickly get some over-time attacks off, quick resource management, and then return to heals. Abilities like refreshing path, siphoning attacks, and elemental drain are important to maintain during fights, as they are consistent heals and resource pools for you. Then you’ve got your energy orb, just another easy synergy for your team to activate, as well as some extra healing. Finally, your damage, Elemental Blockade (I prefer Lightning staff, but that’s just me). This is your attack to send off before either swapping bars, or keep up when it’s duration ends (extra Damage and Stuns never hurts in a fight).

Your ultimate, Bolstering darkness, is definitely a solid one to have, and your stand still teammates will appreciate the extra support. Bolstering should be used constantly during boss fights, as it grants all in (and outside IF you at least stood in the ring for a second) major protection. Here’s ANOTHER synergy for your teammates to utilize, that increases movement speed AND heals them for a huge 20,000+ over 4 seconds. This ultimate, being on both bars, also gives you the passives of the Shadow tree, granting bonus max health AND a passive giving you major resolve and major ward when you cast a shadow ability while wearing heavy armor, each piece extending it’s duration.


As a Magicka Nightblade PVE healer, unlike DPS and MUCH like tank, you have more freedom in bar swapping, especially to better your teammates with what they need in the moment. Some teams don’t need healing 24/7, so deal some damage, and other teams don’t need your DPS, they’ll need your heals more than ever. Being a healer is a support, never forget that. You adapt to your teams shortcomings, and that’s where they most appreciate you.

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