Sea of Thieves Cargo Run

The Merchant Cargo Run are hands down the easiest of the three Merchant’s Alliance quests, being your typical pizza delivery boy assignment, they have you bring a bunch of cargo from one island directly to another. These quests, however, do have a little more to them then just slapping the cargo on your ships and hitting the high seas. Each item can be deteriorate in different ways, meaning that you can actually lost out on some gold if they aren’t delivered in pristine condition. So use this guide to max out your profits and your reputation with the Merchant Alliance.

Cargo Types

For the cloth and silks, these CANNOT get wet, a little rain won’t hurt them, but letting them soak in a storm or hopping into the ocean with them in hand will completely ruin them.

The plants, on the other hand, can wither and die if they are left either in the sun for too long OR they aren’t getting water. You can tell if they’re withering by the way their leaves start to droop. Make sure you give them a bit of water from time to time by throwing a bucket of water onto the plants to prevent them from withering away your profit.

And finally, the rum bottles. These are probably the easiest to break, as folks forget how much they like to jump off high places OR you run into trouble on sea, be that an enemy ship or a big storm. Even using a harpoon to bring them to your ship will completely break them. Once the bottles start cracking, they will have a couple different phases of cracks until they are totally broken and will make you absolutely nothing.

For these quests, it’s simple. Typically when you start the quest, the order will be picked up at the nearest outpost, and then delivered to a nearby seapost. Just simply read the note and you’re good to go! One other thing to remember, once you have picked up ALL the cargo from that one quest, you can slap down ANOTHER cargo run, if you’re wanting to, and sometimes the quest will be from that same outpost. Remember, the specific cargo goes to the specific destination, so don’t combine everything from the two quests, separate them. I usually put one cargo run on the left side of the ship, and the other on the right. Plants and silks go inside the ship for protection from sun and rain, bottles can go pretty much anywhere, just as long as they don’t take damage (so inside is usually a safe place). 

Sea of Thieves Cargo Run

Once you’ve arrived at your destination you can complete your delivery and collect your reward. Depending on how well you did in keeping the cargo safe your reward value will differ. 

Normal Cargo

Normal Cargo Price

Sea of Thieves Cargo Run

Perfect - 700
Wet - 500
Soaked - 300
Waterlogged - 100

Sea of Thieves Cargo Run

Perfect - 700
Parched - 500
Wilted - 300
Shriveled - 100

Sea of Thieves Cargo Run

Perfect - 700
Cracked - 500
Splintered - 300
Smashed - 100

Devil's Roar Cargo

Devil's Roar Cargo Price

Sea of Thieves Cargo Run

Perfect - 1400
Wet - 1000
Soaked - 600
Waterlogged - 200

Sea of Thieves Cargo Run

Perfect - 1400
Parched - 1000
Wilted - 600
Shriveled - 200

Sea of Thieves Cargo Run

Perfect - 1400
Cracked - 1000
Splintered - 600
Smashed - 200

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