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Lost Shipments are the most difficult quest of the three, just in terms of time it takes to complete THOROURGHLY, it’ll level you up a pretty decent chunk in your emissary, so it’s worth doing before a couple cargo runs. Use this guide to get the most out of the Lost Shipments Quests.

The Task

Here, you will be given nothing more than a map route of the lost shipment, with dots connecting two islands. Start at the island that the note tells you the shipment set sail from, a from there all you need to do is sail along the route and keep your eyes open for birds hovering in the air.

These birds will tell you exactly where to find both clues AND the possible key to the captain’s quarters on the sunken ship itself, which gives so much it’s absolutely worth finding. 

You’ll find barrels floating in the water below the birds, and here you’ll just ease up, search the area for anything useful (sometimes the key!) and any clues to the shipment wreck, which could lead you to nearby islands or other ocean points of interest.

The quest is pretty straightforward, and once you’ve found your fist clue, you’ll now play a game of following the breadcrumbs. Read your Clue and go to (or towards) where it mentioned. Keep in mind that some tasks may require you to speak with an NPC to obtain the next clue.

Continue sailing until you find a MASSIVE flock of birds. Keep note, the birds can definitely be off the path, and most of the time they are, so make the effort to sail to any birds near your trade route. Once you arrive at the sunken ship, you’ll want to recover ALL the trade shipment resources you can, along with any other treasure, and finally the Revered Merchant Manifest, which (at level 5 Emissary) will sell for around 10,000 gold.

Sea of Thieves

If you managed to find the Captain’s Key along the way, go ahead and open up the quarter’s where you will find absolute STACKS of valuable goods to sell. Having the Captain’s Key makes this quest way more profitable, so make sure you take your time with the clues to find it before you find the ship.  Once you’ve looted it all up, you’ll have leveled your emissary probably to 5 and be ready to bring your haul back to the nearest Outpost. 

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