Fallout 76 Non-Automatic Rifle Build

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Points

Every build needs a SOLID setup to perfect the mechanics and make yourself overpowered THEREFORE, today we will be focusing on an amazing NON-Automatic Rifle Build in Fallout 76. Potentially one of the most powerful builds in the entire game, if done correctly.

Perk Cards of Choice

Now of course, this is my personal preference. I’ve spent a LOT of time mastering the ways of Non-Automatic Rifles, and with this setup, although lacking in strength greatly, you will most optimally output the best damage possible, especially with the right selection of weaponry and armor equipped. REMEMBER to use Class Freak as well, it will help lessen the blow of the mutations that you’ll want to be using.


This is really up in the air. When it comes to builds, you need to go out there and find what you can, and use it to the best of your abilities.

The first thing you’ll want with this build, which is leaning more towards the stealth style, is a weapon with a silencer mount on it. This will add to your damage through perk cards AND keep fights quiet. On top of that, there are several guns that really outshine in performance. A couple of the guns to look out for are:

  • Lever Action Rifle
  • Scoped Hunting Rifle
  • Brotherhood of Steel Scoped Rifle
  • Non-Automatic Handmade
  • Tesla Rifle (Non-Automatic)

Here are the perks I would HIGHLY recommend looking out for in a Non-Automatic Rifle Build:

  • Being Mutated Gives a boost to Damage
  • Furious Damage (Each hit increases damage consecutively on same target)
  • Instigating (Deals 50% more damage when enemy is full health)
  • Anti-Armor
  • +50% Limb Damage
  • Bloodied (Deals greater damage when you’re health is low)
  • Stalker’s (100% V.A.T.S. accuracy when not in combat)
  • Two Shot (Shoots two bullets for every one shot)
  • Explosive (Deals an AOE explosive bullet)


Armor is a really tricky subject because it’s such a randomized system, but the sets you REALLY want to look out for are any sets that either grant +1 to Perception OR are Legendary Unyielding armor. Unyielding armor is fantastic for Rifle Builds due to their straight up +3 to every perk in S.P.C.I.A.L. minus Endurance. Keeps your important passives up.

Food and Buffs:

There are several items that you want to key focus in on while using a Non-Automatic Rifle build. Some of these are Food items, Drink Items, Bobbleheads/Magazines, Drugs, and last (but not least) Mutations.


When it comes down to food, anything that boosts your stats to help maximize your Perception, Agility, or Luck is usually what you want to hunt for. These are some choice foods to easily make without the tedious grind, and hopefully will get you practicing your full potential with a Non-Automatic Rifle Build. Remember, these are just a couple of recipes I personally recommend that are quick and easy to acquire.

Appalachili: 15% Water, 10% food, +30 HP, & +2 Luck

Awesome Opossum Bacon: 15% Food, +45 HP, +2 Luck

Blight Soup: 10% Food, 15% Water, +12 HP, +20% Crit Damage

Carrot Soup: 10% Food, 15% Water, +12 HP, +2 Perception

Grilled Radstag: 20% Food, +60 HP, +20 Carry Weight

Ground Mole Rat: +20% Food, +60 HP, +3 Agility

Iguana Soup: 20% Food, 15% Water, +60 HP, +3 Luck


Obviously, on top of that delicious food, you need to top it off with some drink buffs. These are typically easy to craft, easy to obtain, and there are a couple drinks out there that DRAMATICALLY (see how I used all caps to emphasis it’s dramatic-ness) increases yours builds damage potential.

Steeped Carrot Flower Tea: 25% Water, +25 HP, +2 Perception

Steeped Melon Blossom Chai: 25% Water, +25 HP, +2 Agility

Steeped Thistle Tea: 25% Water, +25 HP, +20% Crit Damage


Drugs are a double edged sword in Fallout, always have been and always will be. Fallout 76 is no different, so in participating in the activity known as drugs, you are risking a number of negative effects that could possibly overcome your character. But… WHO CARES WHEN YOU’RE DEALING LUDICROUS DAMAGE?!?!?!

Bufftats: +40 Max HP, +3 Endurance, +3 Strength, +3 Perception, at the cost of -3% Water & -1% food

Day Tripper: +3 Charisma & +3 Luck at the cost of -2 Strength & -3% Water

Orange Mentats: +5 Perception at the cost of -3% Water

Overdrive: +15%


There’s only ONE Alcohol I can really recommend for this build due to it giving you more Agility and Strength.

Rum: +1 Strength & +1 Agility at the cost of -1 Intelligence & -15% Water


Now these, of course, are optional but can be INCREDIBLY helpful for those wanting to test the waters of bonuses. Not only can mutations give you straight up great perks, it can ALSO be a factor that boosts your weapon damage if you have the Mutant’s star on your legendary. Remember, all mutations come with serious drawbacks UNLESS you have the perk card “Class Freak,” So I’d highly recommend you use that if you want to be mutated.

Arendal Reaction: +Weapon Damage at Low HP at the cost of -50 HP

Eagle Eyes: Critical Damage +25% & +4 Perception at the cost of -4 Strength

Marsupial: Carry Weight +20 & + Jump Height at the cost of -4 Intelligence. (I have this one mostly for fun OR if you’re in PvP, it’s much harder to hit a moving target)

The Rundown:


Like EVERY other build in this game, the perk cards only carry you so far. Many people think that regular guns and armor can benefit them in a build as long as they have the right cards, and that’s not true. Spend time hunting around for legendary’s and get the BEST of the best. Having completely perked out weapons and armor will help massively in making the most powerful build that you can, and you’ll be surprised at how many places you can grind for legendary’s at. (FYI: I literally have multiple legendary grinding locations on this site, so make sure to check those out.)

BUT NOW, if you’re wanting to check out the build a little more closely, inspect the cards, or maybe even change a few things up, feel free to click on the image below, and it will take you to NukesDragons Fallout SPECIAL Character building site, where I’ve custom made this build to show off.