Fallout 76 Unarmed Melee Build

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Points

Fallout 76 Unarmed Melee Build

When it comes down to an Unarmed Build, you’ve entered the domain of the champion damage dealers. Unarmed HANDS DOWN causes the greatest amount of DPS… now if only there were enemies in Fallout 76 that lasted longer enough to really test it out. As an unarmed build, you want to focus heavily on damage resistances and mobility, as you WON’T be in power armor (you can used unarmed weapon in PA) and you need to move very quickly to evade up close enemies.

Perk Cards of Choice

Fallout 76 Unarmed Melee Build

Of course, you can swap these around if you deem worthy, or seem to find some aren’t fitting how you play, but for me, this gave me the best plan of attack.


This is really up in the air. When it comes to builds, you need to go out there and find what you can, and use it to the best of your abilities.

There are only a few unarmed weapons in the game, but the BEST ones you want to look out for are the:

  • Power Fist
  • Deathclaw Gauntlet

Each of these can be modified with damage buffs at the weapons workbench, so make sure to maximize their damage and apply the best mods you can for each!

Here are the perks I would HIGHLY recommend looking out for in Unarmed Weapons:

Legendary Main Effects:

  • Bloodied
  • Anti-Armor
  • Junkie’s
  • Instigating
  • Furious

Legendary Major Effects:

  • 40% Faster Swing Speed
  • +50 Limb Damage
  • VATS Critical Shots do +50% Damage
  • 40% More Power Attack Damage

Legendary Minor Effects:

  • +1 Strength
  • +1 Agility
  • Take 15% less damage while Blocking


Armor is a really tricky subject because it’s such a randomized system, but the sets you REALLY want to look out for are any sets that either grant +1 to Strength OR are Legendary Unyielding armor. Unyielding armor is fantastic for melee builds due to the straight up S.P.C.I.A.L. buffs you get (minus Endurance). It really is the power house gear, and the more stars you get, the better perks you’ll have. On top of this, you may also want to look into Bolstering armor, as playing a Bloodied build will deal the best damage possible, but is a high death risk without the proper gear.

Food and Buffs


With a Two Handed Melee build, there are definitely a certain specific few items you’ll want to get before running out and murdering everything. Not to say you CAN’T without these items, but they help you one shot EVEN MORE.


Adrenal Reaction: Increased Damage Output at low health. This is GREAT for players with Bloodied Melee weapons that already boost low health damage. Without Class Freak, this comes at a cost of 50 Health.

Twisted Muscles: +25% Melee Damage, and a small chance to cripple your opponent. This is a MUST have for all melee builds. Without Class Freak, this comes at a cost of 50% less gun accuracy

Marsupial: +20 Carry Weight, and you can jump much higher. The carry weight is a HUGE bonus in this game, and the fact that you literally get to hop around swinging massive two handed melee weapons is too good to pass up. Without Class Freak, this comes at the cost of 4 Intelligence

Speed Demon: +20% run and sprint speed, +30% faster reload speed. Now, the reload speed here is kind of a loss, but as a melee build, it seems like you’re never close enough to your enemy’s, so speed demon gives you that edge. Without Class Freak, this comes at a cost of 50% more hunger and thirst while moving.


These are just a few options to go with that I personally recommend that won’t take you five million years to farm and craft. These are quick, easy, and incredibly effective to boost your build to the max

Yao Guai Roast: +25% Food & +15% Melee Damage

Yao Guai Ribs: +15% Food & +10% Melee Damage

Stingwing Filet: +15% Food & +2 Strength

Grilled Radstag: +20% Food & +20 Carry WeightParagraph

Glowing Meat Steak: +15% Food & +10% Melee Damage


Once again, really easy to find and make, these are the drinks you want to spam create in order to pop them as often as possible, plus the ingredients don’t weigh you down.

Steeped Fern Flower Tea: +25% Water & +2 Strength

Steeped Thistle Tea & Sweet Mutfruit Teat: +25% Water & +2-% Crit Damage


Everyone’s favorite Fallout meal of the day. Here are the drugs you want to bulk up on, just to always boost your build to the most powerful it can possibly be. Some of these are harder to come by than others, but I’d highly recommend focusing on stocking up heavily if the Two Handed melee build is what you want.

Fury: +25% Damage Resist & Bonuses to Melee Damage at the cost of -3% Food, -3% Water, -5 Perception. This is exceptional damage for all melee builds, and is highly recommended when going up against the bigger enemies. Don’t waste it on the peasants, they’re not worth it.

Psychobuff: +3 Strength, +3 Endurance, & +65 Max Health at the cost of -3% Food, -3%. This is just MORE power to you and your Melee weapons build, and is highly encouraged to hop up on these before MASS killing sprees. These are easier to come by, and definitely boost your build.

Addictol: With the heavy consumption of drugs and alcohol with this build, you’ll really want to stock up on Addictol, just to cure yourself of the nasty negative effects that being addicted can bring.

Rad-X (Diluted): Since you need to keep your mutations while you fight the scorchbeast queen, you’ll wanna take Rad-X (Diluted) which keeps your mutations active, but also keeps your Rad Resistance up.


Strange this isn’t under the drugs section, but I suppose this is a totally different system. Alcohol is very important to strength builds, as it directly buffs that attribute specifically. Here are the best drinks to look out for. For an Unarmed Build, focus on whatever grants strength for even MORE damage.

Bourbon: +1 Endurance & +1 Strength at the cost of -1 Intelligence

Rum: +1 Strength & +1 Agility at the cost of -1 Intelligence

Whiskey: +2 Strength at the cost of -1 Intelligence

The Rundown

The Unarmed Build is hands down one of the most satisfying builds to run. Literally running around with tiny weapons that deal absolutely ludicrous amounts of damage cannot be beaten by anything. By maxing out your strength as much as possible, and focusing HEAVILY on keeping your damage resistances up (Bloodied build life), you can deal upwards of 1000+ consistent damage on the Scorchbeast Queen and nearly 4000-5000+ damage on every other enemy. Deathclaws? One Shot. Mirelurk Queen? 2 easy hits. Legendary Sheepsquatch? I dunno, probably 5 hits or something. stop asking questions AND START BEATING THE TAR OUTTA STUFF.


If you want to check out the build for yourself, or maybe even customize it to your own liking, I would highly recommend checking out NukesDragons “You are SPECIAL” Character Builder, it’s super quick and easy to use.

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Unarmed Melee Weapons Build
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