Sea of Thieves Order's Ghost Fleet

The Order’s Ghost Fleet quest might look intimidating, but it’s actually quite easy if you’re good at ship combat and hitting your cannon ball shots. Here’s a breakdown on how to vanquish these ghastly pirates and increase your Order of Souls reputation. 

Fighting the Ghost Fleet

Once you’ve accepted the quest, head to the designated location on your map to encounter the ghost fleet. Once you arrived at said location, you will see the ghost ships circling the island creating a blockade around it.

They might look tough at the start, but you’ll soon realize that a mere 3 cannonballs will sink each one. With well aimed shots and keeping a good rotation around the island these ships will start to sink rather fast.

The ghost ships you DO need to worry about a bit more are the boss group ships, which take around 5, and then the BIG final boss which will run you about 10-20 cannonballs depending on the quest level. 

Now don’t worry, these are easily done even with 1-2 players on a sloop, as long as you know how to manage your ship, maneuver around the groups, you’ll do fine, just make sure you have a good amount of wood planks for repairs.

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Each Boss ship will drop an assortment of skulls, which you can read more about along with their value here!

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