New World Outpost Rush

New World’s Outpost rush is a 20 vs 20 timed gamed mode, in which you control forts and get PVP kills to gain 1000 points as a team before the opposing team. Outpost Rush is for end game players level 60 and above.

Outpost Rush combines both aspects of PvP and PvE as they require teams to coordinate and delegate tasks to either gathering resources, building up their outpost’s defenses, capturing objectives or defeating enemy players.  

Joining an Outpost Rush

Before you can go rushing in to save the day you must first turn on the PVP flag in the settings menu. While in a Sanctuary, pressing “U” will  toggle on and off PVP. Once PVP is enabled you can queue up at the Outpost Rush NPC in the settlement. 

Once there are enough players in queue you will be loaded into the Outpost Rush area. Here, each team will begin at their own fort on opposite sides of the map.

Outpost Rush Objectives

Outpost Rush has a capture the flag system where teams fight for control of 3 outposts: Luna, Sol, and Astra. This is where the fun begins. Teams will receive 1 point per enemy player killed, and 1 point every 3 seconds they control an outpost, first team to 1000 points is the victor. 

Capturing and Defending an Outpost

To capture an outpost players must stand in the capture point, the more players from one team in a capture point the faster the point will be captured.

Once captured, teams can gather Azoth and infused materials (wood, ore, and hides) to upgrade the outpost to secure the defenses. These resources can be stored in the outposts Storage Sheds to be shared amongst the team and prevent them from dropping if a player is killed. Players can also spend battle tokens at the armory inside any outposts to purchase ammo, potions, offense/defense items, and food buffs.

Note: The only way to get Azoth in Outpost Rush is to kill enemy NPCs on the map. 

Outpost Rush Upgrades

Every outpost can be upgraded with a few different builds, each one providing strong benefits granted that your team has the resources to build them.

  • Outpost Gates – These can be upgraded twice and they become stronger with each upgrade.
  • Protection Wards – These prevents enemies from capturing an outpost and creates a respawn location for the team. Enemies must destroy these to allow the outpost to be capture. 
  • Siege Weapons – Different types of siege weapons can be built on the ramparts of each outpost for added defense.
  • Command Post – This will provide the team with an increase to damage, armor, and a constant supply of battle tokens. They can be upgraded twice to increase the effect.

Bonus Objectives

With the base objective being rather clear to obtaining victory, there are a few side objectives to help keep the battle spiced up and provides unique twists to the game.

  • Turret Emplacements – These are defenses that are at each teams starting fort and at the Astra and Luna outposts.

  • Baroness Hain Boss – This must kill boss spawns once every 10 minutes. The team that deals the killing blow will gain a buff that increases their health regeneration and defense for the next three minutes. You will also freeze the enemy teams score, preventing them from gaining any points for three minutes.

  • The Corrupted Portal – This portal is guarded by Corrupted creatures. Teams can deposit Azoth Essence into the portal, and after a single team has committed 500 Azoth Essences the player that made the final deposit is granted an item to summon a powerful ally.

  • Summoning Circles – These are stone platforms that are located around the map. Any player who has acquired a summoning item can use this to  summon a monstrous ally who will defend that location from enemy players.