Sea of Thieves Guides

There are HEAPS of quests in Sea of Thieves, some are specific to alliances, some you’ll get from random bottles, others you’ll acquire from random characters, but ALL of them are worth doing in their own way, especially if you’re flying an emissary flag. Here are some guides to the various specific quests, and how to make the most amount of gold from each.

Sea of Thieves Cargo Run

Cargo Run Quests

The Merchant Cargo Run are hands down the easiest of the three Merchant’s Alliance quests, being your typical pizza delivery boy assignment. Use this guide to max out your profits and reputation with the Merchant Alliance.

Sea of Thieves Lost Shipment

Lost Shipment Quests

Lost Shipments are the most difficult quest of the three, just in terms of time it takes to complete THOROURGHLY, it'll level you up a pretty decent chunk in your emissary, so it's worth doing before a couple cargo runs. Use this guide to get the most out of the Lost Shipments Quests.

Sea of Thieves Merchant Shipments

Shipment Delivery Quests

Shipment Delivering quests...these seems to be either LOVED or passionately HATED. Reason? You gotta catch a LOT of animals and gather risky to bring aboard items. So follow this Shipment Delivery Guide to make the most out of your delivery time.

Sea of Thieves Treasure

BurIed Treasure Quests

Gold Hoarders Buried Treasure quests can either be quite beneficial, or an incredible waste of time, but this guide will help you get going.

Sea of Thieves Vaults

Treasure Vaults Quests

Treasure Vaults, if you're either experience or have a couple extra hands, these are the Gold Hoarder's quests you want to go on. Use this Gold Hoarder's Treasure Vault Guide to ensure you can CLEAN OUT the vault and put that gold in your pocket.

Sea of Thieves Order's Ghost Fleet

Ghost Fleet Quests

The Order's Ghost Fleet quest might look intimidating, but it's actually quite easy. Here's a breakdown on how to vanquish these ghastly pirates and increase your Order of Souls reputation. 

Sea of Thieves Order's Skeleton Hunt

Skeleton Hunt Quests

The Order's Skeleton Crew Hunt quests are fairly straightforward, as all you need to do is slap down and vote and away you go! Check out this guide for the type of Skeletons you will encounter.