Reaper's Alliance Guide

Reaper's Alliance Guide

Sailing with the Reaper’s Alliance is not for everyone, PVP being the main focus means that you are the BIGGEST enemy on the server. So here the Reaper’s Alliance guide to help you to successfully become a true Pirate in the Sea of Thieves

Reaper's Alliance Guide

Flying Under the Reaper's Emissary

The first thing you want to do before ANYTHING else is to either fly your own Reaper’s Emissary flag, get a friend to fly theirs if you don’t have your own, or (if you are going solo as a beginner and can’t do either) you’ll need to grind up to level 5 in this faction to purchase the Reaper’s Emissary Flag from the Servant of the Flame at The Reaper’s Hideout for 20,000 gold. Thing is, like the other alliance flags, this is one of those “spend a little to make a lot” moments, and you’ll make that gold back EASILY. You can vote for the flag right at any outpost by searching around for a caged skeleton or from the Reaper’s Hideout next to the Servant of the Flame.

Once you have the flag flying every player on the server will be able to see your ships whereabouts from their ships map, so keep in mind that sneaking around is probably not going to work well and you literally have a target on your back, so be sure to keep an eye out for approaching ships.

Emissary Levels

Just like every other alliance, the Reaper’s Alliance flag can be upgraded to level 5, which will give the best bonuses to selling your items as possible. For your knowledge (and greed):

  • Emissary Level 1: No Bonus
  • Emissary Level 2: 33% Bonus
  • Emissary Level 3: 66% Bonus
  • Emissary Level 4: 100% Bonus
  • Emissary Level 5: 150% Bonus

That’s right, when you have Emissary Level 5 you receive more than DOUBLE what the item is worth, so typically, unless you’re having a rough time with other players or the risk is getting too high, you wanna get to level 5.

Reaper's Quests

Reapers Alliance doesn’t actually offer their own quests, instead they are here to show a pirates true colors by offering rewards for their competitors items. This being said, you can actually pick up any of the other alliance quests, complete them, and then turn the items into the Reapers Alliance to earn easy reputation and gold.

Reaper's Goals

While questing may be an option for some, a true Reaper’s Bones member will find their treasure aboard the ships of their competitive players. Every Merchant, Gold Hoarder and Order of the Souls member is a direct target for the Reaper’s Alliance. So the fastest way to level up is to sink the ships of those competitors and take what they have back to the Servent of the Flame.

Selling to the Reaper's Alliance

Reaper's Alliance Guide

The Reaper’s Alliance is all about rewarding you for taking from others. This means that you can sell almost anything you want to them and they will buy it! With this making the list of items that you can sell seemingly endless, I’ve gone ahead and put the links to each of the different Alliances Guides below where you can check the list of their items and the cost to sell them. 

Merchant Alliance Trade Route

With the addition to trade routes in Season Two this has added a TON of new items you can sell to the Reaper's Alliance. The profits are no where near as good as selling them to the outposts, but you do get a bit of Emissary value. Even buying crates and taking them straight to the Reaper is profitable, but just a little.

Sea of Thieves

It is important to note that the Reaper's Alliance will NOT take any item that the Hunter's Call will, so your fish and meats should be sold to them. For the Hunter's Call Guide and price of the Items you can sell to them check out their guide.

Unique Reaper ONLY Items

Now there are a few items that can only be sold to the Reaper’s Alliance, most of which are broken emissary flags from player ships that you have sunk, but few more that provide an unique aspect to the game. 

Gift + 5 Doubloons

Gifts are unique items that can be found inside treasure chests or even sometimes washed up on shore. Just remember you CAN’T just give these to anyone you like.

Reapers Chest + 25 Doubloons

Reapers chests can be found in certain sunken ships, the location of this chest will always be marked on the map. Even the player who picks up the chest will have their ship marked until they get rid of the chest.

Broken Emissary Flags

Reaper's Alliance Guide
Reaper's Alliance Guide
Reaper's Alliance Guide
Reaper's Alliance Guide
Reaper's Alliance Guide

Here are the BIG ticket items for the Reaper’s Alliance. These Emissary flags have about the same value depending on what level it is at when you “liberated” it from the player ship that it was being “imprisoned” on. Keep in mind that the higher YOUR emissary flag is the BIGGER bonus you’ll get out of these Broken Emissary Flags, so make sure to sell them off at the peak of your emissary level.

Emissary Flag Level Sell Price
Grade 1
~ 2,200 G
Grade 2
~ 4,400 G
Grade 3
~ 6,000 G
Grade 4
~ 8,100 G
Grade 5
~ 10,200 G

Lowering Emissary Flag

Reaper's Alliance Guide

Now that you have sold off all of the stolen treasures to the Reaper’s Bones its time to assess what you want to do next. Once you’ve reached level 5 emissary you have much more power than other emissaries. Level 5 Reapers can see other emissaries on their table map, which means once you hit that max level you can now start to hunt down players, just don’t let your greed get the best of you, because if one of your targets may sink you instead. Just make sure that at the end of your day you lower your flag, too many people forget to claim their extra bonus for all their hard work.

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