New World

Each of the three factions in Aeternum have a main goal: To be in control of Aeternum’s territories. Each Territory in Aeternum has it’s own Settlement and most have their own defensive fort. Even though this war is ever ongoing, Settlements are peaceful towns for players to find refuge. In Settlements you own houses, work together on town projects and make use of shared crafting stations.

What is a Settlement?

Settlements are your main hubs in each territory. You go there to craft, to sell and buy items, to do various missions, and you own homes in them. 

Settlements are also home to each factions representative. This means you go to settlements to accept and turn in faction missions which help the faction you are a part of. 

How do I join a Settlement?

Joining a settlement is fairly easy. In order to join one you just need to purchase a home in one. 

You can own a home in any settlement, in any controlled territory, no matter the controlling faction. Your home is safely yours even when it is being contested by other factions. Any changes to your home when a territory goes to another faction would be tax dues, upgrade changes to the settlement and any possible buffs. These are minor changes so you can choose a house with stability in mind. 

Forts verses Settlements

Settlements are neutral home towns in each region (or territory). You have a home here, and you craft and sell things here. A Fort is what each faction takes over in order to claim the territory. Forts include PvP as well as PvE content.

In order to claim a settlement you must be part of a Faction and then a Company. When a company takes over a territory, they inherit the settlement inside that territory. If a Territory has not yet been claimed, Companies can pay a fee to claim it. Check out our Forts guide for more information on claiming territories.

How to become a Settlements Governor and why?

The Governor of a settlement is the owner of the company that took over the territory. 

Governors hold responsibility for the Settlement and Territory that they are ruling over. Governors upgrade settlements by starting town projects for its residents who in turn help complete these and upgrade their town. 

Governors also pay the taxes on their owned territory to their faction. They collect these taxes from the residents and visitors at the settlement. The more upgrades a town has, the more residents and visitors will want to be there and in turn the more the Governor can collect in taxes to pay their faction.

What is a Consul?

Each company has a governor (first in command) and consuls (second in command). A company can choose as many consuls as it wants. These consuls help take care of the company and the duties the company has if it takes over a territory. 

Settlement Upgrades

Crafting Stations can be upgraded in a settlement which give the option to craft higher quality items. 

All Territories have bonuses that they give to the controlling faction called “lifestyle Buffs”. These buffs are activated through town projects. You can only reap these benefits if you own a home in the settlement controlled. 

How do Settlements level?

Settlements level up with each completed town project. The can also level down if taxes are not paid by the Governor to the controlling faction or if corrupted invasions are not dealt with.

How to do Town Projects?

Once a Town Project is activated by the Governor (or their consuls), residents of the settlement can complete different missions to help the town project along until it is completed. The missions give XP, gold and other rewards to the residents completing them. Everyone who lives in the settlement works to level it up and they all reap the benefits.