I love The Sims 4! This game has been around quite a long time, since 2011! Before the Sims 4 existed I enjoyed other Sims games…The Sims 1, 2, and 3. I remember playing the Sims Unleashed (an expansion for the sims) when I was a child! Don’t get me wrong, I love more aggressive games. You can catch me playing different game types such as Halo, Assassins’ Creed, Destiny, Ark, and Overwatch. The Sims is super mild in comparison but nothing can take away from the relaxing past time of building a house and decorating it to your content.

(Note: If you are Kevduit, you have the ability to make The Sims 4 JUST as aggressive as any other game by trashing your house, making your character look like Shrek dressed up in a hotdog suit and punching all your neighbors to your wife’s utter disapproval)   

The Good:
There are so many positives to the The Sims 4. There are countless ways to build your home, create multiple stories, colors for the walls/floors, with countless items and knicknacks to decorate your space with. There are different kinds of expansions (some of my favorites include Seasons and Cats & Dogs), game packs and stuff packs. Whether you are a builder or a gameplayer, there is something for you. You can choose from multiple jobs, have different animals, become a witch or wizard and test your hand at becoming a master gardener or a terrific parent to a toddler or two.  

The Sims community is quite wonderful and there are many online groups available to get involved in the community. The custom content created by the community is also amazing and typically free of cost. You can download Mods on PC and really dive into more playability.

Another nice thing about the Sims is they often have sales on Origin making the game more affordable for the community.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, there are some negatives which many in the Sims community are aware of. The new kit packs are under scrutiny and being called a “cash grab”, The expansion packs are currently $51.99CAD each, and the newest Game pack at the time of this review “Dream Home Decorator” is under scrutiny by gameplayers for not having enough actual gameplay (although builders are LOVING it). At this point, myself and others have put hundreds into The Sims (however, I don’t regret it!) but it’s not a cheap game to get into if you are a collector. 

Other than financial negativities The Sims does have some buggy issues. More than a few times I have had to wipe my whole game and restart because my Sims randomly became unplayable and could not be fixed (and this is without any CC used). It feels awful to lose all the hours put into the game in this way. 

I still really love this game and will continue to collect the expansions, game and stuff packs. This game is one that you can pick back up at any given moment and have a relaxing afternoon thinking about paint swatches and feeding your virtual pet. 

WARNING: Be careful…doing laundry in the Sims has caused me to second guess my life choices and get up to do chores IRL! 

These opinions are all my own and do not reflect on any other person or company. 

-Order yourself a copy of The Sims on Steam here.

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