Skeleton Forts are scattered across the Sea of Thieves, however, they don’t always pose a threat. Only the islands that are packed full of vile skeletons will reward you once you’ve purged them from it. Use this guide to learn how to pillage these Skeleton Forts.

Skeleton Fort Locations

Active Skeleton Fort Cloud

There are 10 Skeleton Forts in Sea of Thieves, however only one can be active at a time. An active Skeleton Fort will have a skeleton cloud above it with green glowing eyes. Here is a list of the islands and their locations:

Island Name


Hidden Spring Keep

I - 8

Keel Haul Fort

C - 6

Kraken Watchtower

L - 6

Lost Gold Fort

H - 17

Molten Sands Fortress

Z - 11

Old Boot Fort

L - 14

Sailor's Knot Stronghold

E - 14

Shark Fin Camp

P - 5

Skull Keep

Q - 9

The Crow's Nest Fortress

O - 17

Defeating the Skeleton Forts

Skeleton Forts are very straight forward, you will face about 10 skeleton waves which can be varying in types. You will then face two sub-boss rounds and finally be facing off against one of three Bosses. Now each fort will come with a supply of gunpowder kegs scattered about the fort along with barrels housing small amount of food, and an ammo crate to reload your weapons. Using the terrain and obstacles to your advantage will be the key to succeeding here.

When you first arrive at the island it will be occupied by skeletons in the towers and inside the fort. After you defeat them a new wave of enemies will begin. If you have your game’s sound on, you will hear the audio queue of a new waves starting each time. 

Types of Skeletons at the Skeleton Fort

The other thing to take into consideration is the enemy variety. These Skeleton Fort waves aren’t always going to be your “lame generic skeletons” that are easy to kill without some sort of catch. You need to know that there are 3 main skeleton classes that require a bit more effort to kill (simply because they have mechanics to them).

Shadow Skeletons:
If it’s daytime out, don’t worry about these guys because light is their weakness. If it’s DARK, however, you’ll need to use your lantern to get them out of their shadow form

Golden Skeletons:
These are definitely the most annoying. They’re ALWAYS tough as metal and you can’t sword combo them. They can take a lot of damage. Their weakness is water, two buckets of water will slow them down for a bit so you can attack them better. Alternatively, you can just lead them to water and they’ll walk right in.

Seaweed Skeletons:
These guys are exactly the OPPOSITE of Golden Skeletons. You’ll want to keep these guys out of the water because it makes them stronger. However, they’re not as difficult as Golden Skeletons so you can slash combo away freely.

Fighting the Boss of the Skeleton Fort

After you’ve completed the first 10 waves of skeletons you’ll start to enter the boss rounds. The first sub-boss round will spawn a random Skeleton Captain accompanied with 10 skeletons. Defeating these will then spawn the second sub-boss round, an Ashen Guardian, and Ashen Key Master will appear with another group of skeletons.

After defeating the sub boss rounds you will hit the final round and be faced with one of three Skeleton Lords and another group of skeletons. Regardless of which Skeleton Lord you get, they all do the same types of attacks.

The main attack you will want to avoid is the shockwave attack. The shockwave will knock players back as well as deal a lot of damage and even death if you are too close. They can also summon additional low health skeletons and burrow underground and reappear somewhere else. You will know when they are getting low on health as they will start to chomp on a banana, this will not heal them, it is just an animation showing they are getting close to death.

Once defeated, the boss they will drop a Stronghold Skull, 0-3 Bags of Gold, and a Stronghold Key which will open the stronghold vault at the fort. The skull cloud over the fort will also go away as soon as you defeat the boss.

Skeleton Fort Treasure

After opening the vault you will be rewarded with a pile of randomized loot estimating about 25,000 G. Here’s the list of the treasures you can receive:

1-2 Stronghold Skulls

1-2 Stronghold Chests

1-2 Crate of Ancient Bone Dusts

1 Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel

2-3 Gunpowder Barrels

1 Ashen Chest

1-2 Gifts

1 Mermaid Gem

12 Random Treasures

Completing this event at the Molten Sands Fortress in the Devil’s Roar will ensure that all of the regular loot will be replaced with Ashen loot and also give you 1 Chest of Rage.

Quick Tips for Completing Skeleton Fort

  1. Bring an ammo crate for faster reloading since most forts only have one.
  2. Gunpowder barrels to do a lot of damage, try to use them on the boss.
  3. Tridents do a lot of damage quickly, which works really well against the boss.
  4. Boss’s are effected by Green Cursed Cannonballs, so feel free to make them dance with a Jigball (they have some good dance moves)
  5. Lure enemies to the docks so crewmates can blast them with cannonballs from your ship.
  6. Firebombs are great against the skeleton waves, group them up and burn them for quick kills. They do good damage to the boss also.
  7. Any Skeleton’s Orders that are dropped from the Skeletons in this event are for treasures that can be dug up at the Fort, so don’t leave without them.

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