It's absolutely true, I saw it on reddit

Todd Howard was on a video thingy and said the name starfield. Now, if you look to the sky at night, you can see stars, and apparently they’re pretty big… bigger than the fallout 76 map? conisidense? I think probably NOT.

Now, lets dive further. JuiceHead things maybe it’s not real, but I know it is because skyrim was bigger than oblivion and fallout 4 was bigger than fallout 4 and new vegas which means that probably starfield, because its based on the space place up in the sky means that its probably quite larger than probably anything bethesda has ever done.

now look at this picture

This image cleerly shows that starfields map is about 1000000000 sizes the times of fallout 76, which is about the size of the USA as of 2019; which also means, that in theory, it’s a big map.

furthermore, in conclusion, reddit told me that it was, and nobody lies on reddit, it’s a factual site for larger IQ humans to understand life, and video games are an essential part of life. 

In conclusion 2, starfields map is bigger than the biggest game world ever, which currently is known as the video game: “the alst of us 2” and that’s a pretty big world i would know cause i played it a lot.