The Locus build maximizes every attainable weapon damage available to hit like an absolute truck, both in Cyrodiil PvP and Battlegrounds. Using sets that aren’t even too particularly difficult to acquire, the Locus Stamina Nightblade PvP build is 100% worth giving a shot, plus it feels pretty good to embarrass your enemies.


  • Wood Elf: 

Mundus Stone:

  • The Warrior


  • New Moon Acolyte:
    • New Moon is a new set that just stacks damage and penetration to insane levels, and makes you hit your enemies harder than almost any other set
  • Bone Pirate’s Tatters:
    • This is the set that allows you to roll dodge and attack non-stop with ferocity. It’s a must have for builds that need that boost of stamina
  • Molag Kena’s:
    • Molag Kena recently got a huge buff, making it so you can go into SUPER SLAUGHTER MODE with only an 8% increase to resource usage rather than 20%. Hands down a must have for this death machine
  • (If Owned) Master’s Bow
    • Whenever you run with a bow, having a Master’s in PvP is practically unmatched. The damage output with Poison injection is extremely potent


Gear Piece Set Weight Enchant Trait Location
Helm Molag Kena Medium Tri-Stat Impenetrable White-Gold Tower (Vet)
Shoulder Molag Kena Medium Stamina Impenetrable DLC pledge NPC (Urgalarg Chief-bane)
Chest New Moon Acolyte Heavy Tri-Stat Well-Fitted Craftable
Arms Bone Pirate’s Tatters Medium Stamina Impenetrable Black Heart Haven
Belt New Moon Acolyte Light Stamina Impenetrable Craftable
Legs New Moon Acolyte Medium Tri-Stat Well-Fitted Craftable
Boots Bone Pirate’s Tatters Medium Stamina Impenetrable Black Heart Haven
Necklace Bone Pirate’s Tatters Jewelry Weapon Damage Swift Black Heart Haven
Ring 1 Bone Pirate’s Tatters Jewelry Weapon Damage Robust Black Heart Haven
Ring 2 Bone Pirate’s Tatters Jewelry Weapon Damage Robust Black Heart Haven
Weapon 1: New Moon Acolyte Two Handed (Maul) Weapon Oblivion Damage Nirnhoned Crafted
Weapon 2 (If no Master Bow): Battlefield Acrobat (2 piece perk) Weapon Berserker Infused Rewards for the Worthy (Or Vendors)
Weapon 2 (Recommended): Master’s Bow Weapon Berkerker Infused Dragonstar Arena


Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
1: Rally Poison Injection
2: Camouflaged Hunter Shuffle
3: Surprise Attack Shadow Image
4: Relentless Focus Leeching Strikes
5: Resolving Vigor Shadowy Disguise
Ultimate: Incapacitating Strike Temporal Guard (Psijic)

Set Side Notes:

  • The Master’s bow can be replaced with any of the three bows as they do the same thing: Battlefield Acrobat, Senche’s Bite, and Daring Corsair. Make sure you keep the TRAIT and the ENCHANT the same, as the point of the bow is stamina recovery, which is very useful to the build, and the Master’s Bow is not currently obtainable.


  • Dubious Camoran Throne – White Meat: 1, Beetle Scuttle: 3, Insect Parts: 1, Guts: 1


  • Tri-Stat Potions (Bugloss, Columbine, Mountain Flower)
  • Essence of Stamina (Mob Drop)


  1. All Nightblade
  2. All Two Handed + Bow
  3. All Medium Armor + First 3 under Heavy Armor + First 3 Under Light Armor
  4. Improved Hiding under Legerdemain
  5. Slayer and Banish the Wicked under Fighter’s Guild
  6. Undaunted Mettle under Undaunted
  7. All Assault
  8. Combat Medic and Battle Resurrection under Support
  9. Psijic Passives: Clairvoyance, Concentrated Barrier, Deliberation
  10. Medicinal Use under Alchemy
  11. Obviously, all racial passives
  12. Following IF Playing Vampire: Supernatural Recovery, Undeath, Unnatural Resistance, Dark Stalker

Champion Points:

    • The Tower:
      • Warlord: 40
      • Siphoner: 1
    • The Lover
      • Tenacity: 4
      • Mooncalf: 75
      • Arcanist: 37
    • The Shadow
      • Shadow Ward: 13
      • Tumbling: 81
    • The Antronach
      • Master-at-Arms: 81
      • Physical Weapons Expert: 39
    • The Ritual
      • Precise Strikes: 40
      • Piercing: 35
      • Mighty : 75
    • The Steed
      • Ironclad: 61
      • Resistant: 59
      • Medium Armor Focus: 1
    • The Lady
      • Hardy: 56
      • Elemental Defender: 56
    • The Lord
      • Quick Recovery: 37


Health: 17382 (213-500 recovery, Vampire can decrease this)

Stamina: 35783 (2000-2570 recovery, Vampire/Werewolf can increase this)

Magicka: 11668 (600-813 recovery, Vampire can increase this)

Weapon Damage: 3889-6324

Weapon Critical: 44.2-50.3%

Spell Resistance: 12354-17634

Physical Resistance: 12096-17376

Critical Resistance: 2660

Physical Penetration: 6955


Use heavy or light attacks to charge up Relentless Focus, preferably heavy attacks and make sure you have Incapacitating Strikes ready, when you have 5 stacks, light attack twice in a row then poison injection to get that 301 weapon damage added from Master’s Bow and Berserker Enchant (remember to light attack weave), then charge on the target, Use Incapacitating Strikes and follow up with Relentless Focus spectral bow proc, if enemy does survive with little health, follow up with Surprise Attacks and if target lives still, repeat the combo.


This build is bit faster than your usual fighter however little bit more squishy but that is why this build utilizes dodge rolls to mitigate damage and since the build has high stamina recovery it can dodge roll a lot, the damage from this build is very high and in group play can easily assist the key targets such as healers or solo most targets.

Credit to Piraja for his Build: