It actually exists

Bethesda literally pulled off something I’d NEVER experience before with the Sheepsquatch, and that was an encounter that I believed I would never have. This wasn’t like fighting new enemies in a game, they directly made THIS particular enemy into nothing more than an urban legend, made a fake one (the Imposter Sheepsquatch Assaultron), and that was that….

until now…

I was simply being a chad of the wasteland with my absolute beast of a Legendary Grognak’s Axe (compliments to Frogow for finding that bad boy for me). I ALWAYS go to hopewell cave because of the possible legendary glowing Deathclaw that can spawn there, as well as the HORDES of enemies that usually await outside, providing fantastic amounts of XP and sometimes ultra legendary loot. Well, just recently I’ve started walking UP the street a little bit, simply because there’s sometimes Mutant Behemoths, Fogwalkers, Snallygasters, or even MORE Deathclaws that spawn to hunt down the Super Mutants surrounding the area, but this time I saw something different.

You see, as an absolutely amazing person in general, I can typically detect (from an impressive distance, if I do say so myself), whatever legendary best might lay ahead. Turns out, this was NOTHING like I had seen before. I was literally charging the mutants with aggressive amounts of speed, ramming them for crazy damage. It would pounce a good distance in the air and literally suplex those nerds into the ground. I was both amazed and horrified, and I wanted my battle with it to be legendary.

Instead of fighting it with a gun, I was, of course, going to fight it with a brutally massive Furious Battle Axe, which woudl USUALLY take out a deathclaw in around 4-5 hits after I buff up. This thing didn’t. I actually found the fight to be remarkably longer and with harsher, less forgiving mechanics. Not to say I, in any way, expected to lose this intense tussle, but it provided me with some good end game content for sure. Not quite the Impostor Sheepsquatch 1 shots that make me cry during my streams, but rather a scary fight if someone comes across it solo.

Anywho, I mopped the floor with it’s horns and looted it’s very rare items, some of which I had NEVER seen before (mysterious quills???). It had a fusion core, some armor to break down, and this crazy Mutants Gatling laser gun that deals insane damage was aiming down sites.

THIS is the content I want to see implemented into a game where we’re exploring some new, never before touched, post-apocalyptic landscape. I hadn’t experience this kind of boss fight thrill since the Wendigo/Mothman/Grafton Monster/… you get the point. And the funny thing is, this encounter was probably better than those even were. We saw pictures and videos on those guys, but with the Squatch, well, we saw the tip of its nose in a trailer, but our assumptions of it being an ACTUAL enemy disappeared with the impostor version. Then it just RANDOMLY pops up in front of you? Very good job on that one, Bethesda, honestly a great experience.

What do YOU think?

Obviously Fallout 76 is still hurting from its launch, and I’m not sure it will EVER pick up the audience size that it could have if they had just been more dedicated to it back then; but to be honest, things like this… it’s a step in the right direction, in my opinion at least. They need to stay true to the game they promised us, remove those repair kits from the shop, keep things cosmetic, continue to introduce the great free content they have been (hopefully future dungeons will be more… mechanics focused). but with literally turning an urban legend into something that can show up on your front porch, now THAT is what I wanna see, and I’m sure the community wants to see.

What do you think? Regardless of the difficulty of the battle, do you want to see more stuff done like this in the future?