Best Plains Biome Seed

For most of us, we avoid the Plains biome with every fiber of our being, since swatting those Deathsquitos is harder than hitting a fly with a toothpick. But there comes a point in every Vikings life where the Plains hold everything that they hate they need, and that’s what we’re here to help you do with the Best Plains Biome Seed.

The Best Plains Biome Seed

Here ya go, the best Plains biome I’ve found by far that requires no boating to get there. Just a decent hike through the Meadows and Black Forest which took around 5 minutes to run there (with Eikthyr boon). Now, straight to the goodies that we all want without the wait. 

Best Plains Biome World Seed: 2R7ThPyMJx

Best Plains Biome Seed

Once you make it to the beautiful valley of the one shot Deathsquito you have several options on where you want to start. Use the maps to max out your loot depending on your specific Plains need, and make sure to check out our other handy guides to the plains. 

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