Valheim Raid Fuling Camps

So, there you are, standing in front of a massive army of little green murder monsters. They have the Fuling Totems that you want, and are defending it well. Here is a guide to help you farm and fill your pockets with Fuling Totems. 

There are a few ways to farm for Fuling Totems needed to summon Yagluth, some hold more risks than others so pick the method you feel would fit your play style best.

Stealth Method

Valheim Fuling Totem Farm

For the more passive players this method would be best suited to your play style. Best done at night when the Fuling Totems are lit up with their mysterious purple aura, sneak towards the camp and when you feel plenty ready (full stamina and perhaps an Eikthyr boost ready) sprint straight to that totem and steal it! Make sure you run like Forrest Gump out of there once you snatched the Fuling Totem as the entire camp will be ready to introduce you to their weapon of choice

Valheim Fuling Totem Farm

Now the Fuling Watchtowers are less guarded and may be a wiser choice when seeking out Fuling Totems. They usually only have 2 – 3 Fuling patrolling the area near the Fuling Totem.

Berserker Method

Valheim Fuling Totem Farm

Out of all the enemies in the Plains the Fuling Berserker has the best drop rate for Fuling Totems. So for those of you who have thrown caution to the wind and embraced the true Viking nature of taking with force, here is the easiest way I’ve found to take down these grumpy green giants. 

Find an area that has a stone circle or some form of natural obstruction you can “dig into”. Make sure you dig a hole deep enough so that the Berserkers can’t get out of it once they’ve fallen in but not too deep that it becomes impossible to attack them.

Valheim Fuling Totem Farm

Lure Beserker

Pluck the lucky Fuling Berserkers with an arrow or two to get their attention and bring them into your ditch. You’ll need to use your shield and tease the Berserker to start its “triple bash attack” in front of the hole so they will fall into it.

Valheim Fuling Totem Farm

Kill Berserker

Now for the simple part. Just start unloading your arrows into the thick skull of the trapped Fuling Berserker until they fade into a cloud of smoke and leave behind a pile of precious prizes.

Valheim Fuling Totem Farm

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