The Black Forest, where its always sunset and where you only see the sun as an orange tint in the sky. Filled with tall trees and large monsters, this land where even the sun doesn’t wish to visit now sits in front of you on your path towards Valhalla. Use this Black Forest monster guide well to make the most of your time in Valheim.

Valheim Black Forest Monster Guide


Made of sticks and roots this cowardly creature causes little trouble for any Viking. With its fear of fire it is simple to defeat them as long as you hold a torch in one hand and blade in the other.

Items Dropped:



This Brute is better described as a Berserker, with its glowing red eyes and stone club permanently attached to its hand, this is no ordinary Greydwarf. Despite all its strength its weakness is its speed, as its attacks are easy to block and easier to parry.

Items Dropped:

Greydwarf Eye
Ancient Seed
Greydwarf Brute Trophy


To conjure magic is a feat unobtainable for mankind, yet this tree spawn has the power to call forth both a poisonous spray and a healing mist. With its green glowing eyes it seeks out to purify the land of those it deems worthless, ones such as yourself.

Items Dropped:

Greydwarf Eyes
Greydwarf Shaman Trophy


Not much is known about these spectral beings, they occasionally appear amongst the Skeletons inside their burial place. They may be the spirits of those skeletons, or perhaps phantoms of their enemies.

Items Dropped:



When the ground starts to shake that can only mean one thing, Trolls. These foul tempered and poorly dressed creatures are the only really challenging enemy in the Black Forest. Whether they are randomly roaming the woods, or tucked away in their cave, Trolls are the last thing an ill prepaired Viking wants to run into.

Items Dropped:

Troll Hide
Troll Trophy


No game is complete without everyone’s favorite bulimic mob. These brittle monsters enjoy to attack in groups, which typically isn’t a difficult challenge to deal with. Just make sure you bash their skulls in one extra time to ensure they don’t want to return again.

Items Dropped:

Bone Fragments
Skeleton Trophy

Rancid Remains

How do these bones even carry such a foul odor? So putrid that a single touch from these skeletons can cause poison and slight nausea. Luckily they don’t leave the Burial Chambers they were “born” in, I’m sure that’s because they fear the rain may wash away their stenchful weapon.

Items Dropped:

Bone Fragments
Rancid Remains Trophy


The first and oldest tree, and by far the grumpiest. The Elder takes the saying “Get Off My Lawn” to a whole new level. A much more challenging boss than Eikthyr, this walking trunk has some very nasty attacks that will keep any challenger on their toes.

Items Dropped:

The Elder Trophy
Swamp Key

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