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Valheim Cooking

Valheim Cooking

Once you craft a Cauldron in Valheim, a heap of new foods and meads are now available to craft, as long as you’ve got the resources nessecary. Some are easy to make, just require a bit of simple scavenging, others require you to literally murder an entire village of slaughtering Fulings that will aggressively attack you on sight. You know, typical chef problems.

Blood Pudding

Blood Pudding (FUN FACT) Gives the greatest Health boost out of all the advanced foods.

This food is crafted with:

  • 2 Thistle
  • 2 Bloodbags
  • 4 Barley Flours

Meaning that you’ll be taking a trip both to the Swamp, and if you haven’t secured your Barley yet, the Plains as well. Thistle is mainly collected in the Black Forest, whereas the Bloodbags are found by killing Leeches in the Swamp (Higher the star of Leech, the more bloodbags you’ll get). The Barley Flour is found at Fuling Villages in the Plains, and is NOT easy to get from them, so go in prepared.


Bread is a VERY easy and highly Stamina beneficial food that is made through the harvesting of Barley Flour. 

This food is prepared with:

  • 10 Barley Flour

Once you’ve got Barley to stock up your fields, Barley Flour will come very quickly to you, just make sure you ALWAYS plant more Barley so you don’t have to go fight more Fulings in the Plains to get more.

Carrot Soup

The absolute easiest of ALL the advanced foods to craft, but still incredibly beneficial and takes time to craft lots. 

Carrot Soup is crafted with:

  • 1 Mushroom
  • 3 Carrots

Although this is an easy food to make, it’s still highly beneficial and doesn’t fall AT ALL under the basic category of foods. Carrot flowers (which provide you with carrot seeds) are typically found in both Meadows and Black Forest biome, are are just a large white flower. I highly recommend farming as MUCH of them as you can, and when you grow more carrots, instead of using them, use your Cultivator to replant them as Carrot flowers to get more Carrot Seeds. Mushroms are just found everywhere.

Fish Wraps

All you need to know is how to Fish! And either farm/kill and entire village of evil goblin things.

Fish Wraps are crafted with:

  • 2 Cooked Fish
  • 4 Barley Flour

Fishing is one of my favorite activities in the game, it’s super relaxing and fish are a great food to have handy. You can Fish pretty much anywhere you SEE fish swimming around, so it won’t take long to get many. Barley Flour, if you didn’t read the above, is found in the Plains at Fuling camps, so make sure you go in WELL prepared, as they will absolutely destroy anyone not ready to fight them.

If you need a guide to fishing, check this out: How to Fish in Valheim

Lox Meat Pie

Lox Meat, by itself, is INSANELY beneficial and lasts longer than any other cooked meat. Lox Meat Pie is the best of the best.

Lox Meat Pie is crafted with:

  • 2 Cloudberries
  • 2 Cooked Lox Meat
  • 4 Barley Flour

Cloudberries are found growing in the plains like any other basic food (and are edible on their own!) Lox Meat is farmed by killing, you guessed it, LOX! Make sure you parry those attacks, they’ll one-shot you if you mess up, but you’ll typically get 2 or more meat from 1 Lox. Barley Flour is found at Fuling villages in the Plains, be VERY careful going in. But once you got it, you pretty much have an unlimited supply.

Queen's Jam

Queen’s Jam is one of the easier Advanced foods to craft HEAPS of. The problem is getting enough dang blueberries.

Queen’s Jam is crafted with:

  • 8 Raspberries
  • 8 Blueberries

I highly recommend stocking up on this, especially in the early game. You get 4 per craft, and it’s one of the best foods to have in a pinch. Raspberries are found in the Meadows, whereas Blueberries around found in the Black Forest.


Sausages are pretty much the ultimate food to have on you at all times, and not too difficult to make.

Sausages are crafted with:

  • 2 Entrails
  • 1 Raw Meat
  • 4 Thistle

Funnily enough, the Thistles are the most difficult part of crafting Sausages, as it feels like you just never have enough of them, so ALWAYS grab them when you see them in the Black Forest. Entrails are gained from killing Draugr’s in the Swamp, and Raw Meat is obtained from both Deer and Boars.

Serpent Stew

This is probably the most difficult food to get, but man is it rewarding.

Serpent Stew is crafted with:

  • 1 Mushroom
  • 1 Cooked Serpent Meat
  • 2 Honey

The Mushrooms are found in the Meadow, and the Honey is farmable by placing a bee Hive at your home through getting a Queen Bee, found in abandoned buildings typically in the Meadows. The SERPENT MEAT, however, is the tricky part. Pretty much you want to sail until you find a serpent, and make sure you have a Abyssal Harpoon at the ready, those things are not easy to kill.

Turnip Stew

Turnip Stew is a really easy advanced food to craft and is great to stock up on. 

Turnip Stew is crafted with:

  • 1 Raw Meat
  • 3 Turnips

Turnip Stew isn’t the MOST beneficial advanced food item, but it’s incredibly easy to craft making it great to carry lots of. Raw meat is obtained through killing Deer or Boar, while Turnips are found throughout the Swamp. There are NOT easy to find, however, but once you get a hold of some, you can plant them at your home and grow as many as you’d like.