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Valheim Basic Foods Guide

Basic Foods Guide Valheim

In Valheim, there are multiple ways to make food, some being more basic foods, some being more advanced, and then some are just straight up potions and brews. 

Here we’re going to talk about basic foods, the kind that you can either eat right off the tree or the ones that only need a simple spit roast to eat. 

Raw Food

These are the kinds of food that grow all over the map, with various different kinds harvested in each biome. Each and every one of these fruits or vegetables can be used in more advanced cooking, but if you’re just out adventuring and need to fill those food slots for more stamina and health, just pop one of these and they’ll get the job done.


Raspberries are probably one of the first foods you’ll eat in Valheim. Found heavily scattered around the Meadows, Raspberries give a little boost to health, a decent boost to Stamina, and are great to have on hand if you’ve got nothing else.


Blueberries are found in the Dark Forest and give just slightly better health than raspberries do (10 vs 15 Health). These are great to have on hand, and can be used to eventually make some pretty great dishes, so I’d say farm them when you see them!


Mushrooms are found in MANY locations, including Meadows and Black Forest. These give the same benefits of blueberries, and are incredibly easy to find. Like all the others, hang onto these to eventually use them in more advanced foods later on.

Yellow Mushrooms

Yellows Mushrooms are the best out of the 4 easily harvestable foods, and are found in crypts and dungeons. These mushrooms give a great 20 health and 20 stamina, making them the most beneficial to have handy. Save these for future advanced cooking.


Carrots aren’t exactly found, but grow. What you CAN find is the Carrot seeds, found throughout the Meadows and Black Forest (a little white flower looking thing). You plant the seeds and up come the carrots, with 15 health and 15 stamina. These, however, I recommend holding onto rather than eating, they make great soups.


Honey is the most beneficial item out of ALL of these, giving a 20 20 boost to health and stamina, but also 5 hp/tick regen, whereas all the rest are 1. You can find honey in beehives, and if you manage to break the hive and secure the queen bee, you can craft your OWN beehives, giving you an unlimited supply of honey!

Cooked Food

I DID attempt to eat the various raw meats I collected from deer or necks, but sadly you are unable to eat them to even gain HALF the benefits (maybe get a bit of sickness like in Minecraft). I still consider these foods under the basic category, simply because all you need is a fire and a spit to cook them, nothing advanced whatsoever, you could slap down a tiny camp out in the middle of the forest and be cooking them within seconds.

That being said, these are obviously SLIGHTLY more effort than just picking up berries, so they offer a lot of better benefits. I also recommend filling your food slots with cooked meat if you can, they give you the most health and stamina.

Cooked Meat

The most common yet still highly beneficial meat product you can acquire. The raw meat is obtained through killing wildlife such as deer or boar, and then cooked on a spit over the fire. Giving 40 health and 30 stamina with a 2 hp/tick buff, this is a great easy food to always carry around. 

Grilled Neck Tail

Strangely enough, Grilled Neck Tail can be harder to get than even basic cooked meat due to Necks not always dropping a tail. Regardless, these tails can be a great addition alongside your cooked meat meal, giving just slightly less benefits than cooked meat offers. I’d also recommend keeping the raw tail on hand for advanced dishes.

Cooked Fish

Fish are a bit harder to get unless you do one of two things: Kick a fish out of the pond by accident (or on purpose, you monster), or by simply fishing. The fishing rod is obtained through the merchant, so that’s a tad bit more tricky. Cooked Fish offers a REALLY high health bonus of 45, and then 25 stamina. If you can get the fish, this is a great meal to combine with the others.

Cooked Lox Meat

First of all, this is obviously not obtainable when you just start, as lox are found in the plains and that’s even IF you get to them before the deathsquito’s get to YOU. But if you manage to swing it, Cooked Lox Meat is INCREDIBLY beneficial, offering 70 health, 40 stamina, and a 3 hp/tick regen. Of course, this is meant to help players survive the insanely difficult regions, but still a great meal to have if you can get it.


For those of you starting out, a great way to maximize your cooking is to place multiple spits over the same firepit. A lot of folks just put the one, but you can fit up to around 5 if you place them just perfect! This is simply a technique to speed up the process of getting cooked foods!