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Valheim Beehives

Valheim Beehives

Beehives in Valheim are NOT the easiest thing to come across, and they are the only way for you to create your own personal beehives at your house. So, with that being said, here is how you can find the Queen Bee to build your own beehives!

How to Get them

Lets make this quick. A Beehive can ONLY be built when you’ve got yourself a Queen Bee, which is only acquired through breaking a beehive out in the wild. These are not easy to find, do not respawn (as far as I’ve seen, and I’ve checked for the past 90 in game days), and will ABSOLUTELY attack you if you hit them while being too close. Therefore, I recommend using a bow or throwing spear to knock down the hive, or else they’ll come after you with a raging vengeance. 

Also, the fallen Beehives will drop honey, so make sure you pick up both.

The Location

MEADOWS! Plain and simple! You’ll need to scour this region in the attempt of finding any form of abandoned building you can. This can literally be ANY building, doesn’t have to be a certain shape or size, they all have a chance to hold a beehive (typically hanging from the roof or in a corner).

There are multiple building you’ll come across when searching, some will be on their own in ruins, possible a little farmland, and sometimes you’ll find an entire village. With the villages and farms, be mindful that plenty of wild boar or Greydwarfs can spawn around the area, so if you’re not equipped with armor and weaponry you might finding yourself a beating before the beehives.

Draugr Villages

Valheim Draugr Village

You know a guide about Beehives is gonna get serious when you see the word “Draugr” in bold letters. But that’s exactly where we’re going, to the Draugr infested villages. Although these are NOT meant for lower level players to dabble with, if you journey far enough away you’ll start to encounter these towns, typically with anywhere from 3-7 or so houses, all filled with draugr. These enemies, for those of you that don’t know, are heavily armored, hard to kill (especially at low levels), and hit harder than a truck. They vary from axe, axe and shield, to bow enemies, which means that you can die VERY quickly if you get one too many attacking you at the same time.

HOWEVER, the Beehives MUST BE ACQUIRED. So, if you’re tough enough to take on the Draugr infested villages, there’s a very high chance that you’ll come across a couple Beehives to farm for Queen Bees. This obviously isn’t the easiest way to get them for newer players, but if you’ve gotten into the Bronze age and you’re confident with your combat, you can march in there like you own the place.