Valheim Mead

Meads are the ultimate item that most people often overlook or don’t bother crafting, when in reality they only make you more powerful! Each Mead offers a great amount of bonuses, and can help you survive boss fights, environment damage, or give you huge boosts to your Health and Stamina!

Here’s each different kind of Mead, what is does, and how you can make it!

Valheim Fermenter

Fermenter’s are Fairly cheap to craft, only requiring that they be built by a Forge using:

  • 30 Fine Wood
  • 5 Bronze
  • 10 Resin

Make sure you build the Fermenter either in the interior of a Building, or at least in a place where there’s walls around them with a roof above. The Fermenter’s can, in fact, be too exposed and then not ferment anything.

Tasty Mead

Tasty Mead is one of the best Meads you can carry on your character at all times. This Mead gives a massive boost to your Health and Stamina regeneration, and once you have a Bee Hive (or 20) you’ll be crafting heaps of these in no time.

Minor Stamina Mead

These Minor Stamina Meads are great for when you just need a quick boost of stamina. I recommend these for resource farming or BASIC combat, as they are great for smaller tasks that require stamina.

Medium Stamina Mead

With Medium Stamina Meads, you’ll want to use these if you are heading into a boss fight or you’re stuck in a BAD area (like the Plains) without an ounce of Stamina. These can be a real life saver.

Minor Healing Mead

Minor Healing Mead is great to pop if you just need that quick burst, but just to be on the safe side. 50 health won’t protect you from a big hit taken during a boss fight (or even a troll), but it WILL help out in smaller fights or just if you want to play things safe.

Medium Healing Mead

Medium Healing Meads aren’t TOO much greater than Minor (only a 25 health difference) but that will definitely help out in larger boss fights. This does give a pretty substantial boost of health back to you, so having these handy is never a bad idea.

Poison Resistance Mead

These are the kind of Meads you bring into the Swamp, because man do you need them. One of the ULTIMATE uses for this potion is when you’re fighting Bonemass, as the boss is pretty much just one massive poison attack. Other than that, having these on hand when you’re exploring Crypts also helps prevent a lot of Poison damage.

Frost Resistance Mead

If you’re not using (or haven’t yet acquired) a Lox or Wolf cape, having these Frost Resistance potions for hiking up into the Mountains is a health saver. Although they don’t last forever, they last a good while to get you farming what you need.

Fire Resistance Barley Wine

The most different WINE (not Mead) to get is the Barley Wine. To get Barley, you need to be strong enough to take out a Fuling Camp, and those are not the easiest places to tackle. But, having Fire Resistance is really good for edge of the world areas.

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