Welcome to the Meadows, where the land is lush and green with trees throughout. It’s filled with the scattered remains of a people who have long left to Valhalla. This is the land where all Vikings go to create their homestead, where wild animals frolic and the occasional running tree root thing. With such a beautiful landscape it only makes sense to fill it with some of the most peaceful creatures. Well here they are folks, the Valheim Meadows Monster Guide.

Valheim Meadows Monster Guide


Native to the Meadow, the Boar is every players go to source for leather scraps. The only tamable beast of the Meadows, enjoys running freely searching for lunch and attacking anyone they see. Well, at least they do until you tame them. Learn more on how to tame boars with our guide HERE

Items Dropped:

Raw Meat
Leather Scraps
Boar Trophy


While trying out to become part of the Harlem Globe Trotters the deer somehow ended up in another world where they were forced to run and hide from hunters. This traumatic experience still lingers today, as at the first sight or sound of danger they take off running. While they are mainly found in the Meadows and Black Forest, they will run into any biome to escape their pursuers. 

Items Dropped:

Raw Meat
Deer Hide
Deer Trophy


From the shores of the Meadows to the… well shores of the Black Forest, these little lizard monsters are always prepared to defend their homes. Found where any lily pad and cattail grass is grown, Necks are a must in every Roasted Neck Tail meal.  

Items Dropped:

Neck Tail
Neck Trophy


Made of sticks and roots this cowardly creature causes little trouble for any Viking. With its fear of fire it is simple to defeat them as long as you hold a torch in one hand and blade in the other.

Items Dropped:



Eikthyr is the first boss in all of Valheim. Angered by the sacrifice of the heads of their kin and will seek vengeance upon you for slaying them. Eikthyr will look down on you even after you have slayed them. Their trophy, if displayed on an item stand, will occasionally speak stating their shock that you were able to defeat them.

Items Dropped:

Eikthyr Trophy
Hard Antler

If you want to learn how to fight Eikthyr, along with the other Bosses of Valheim