The Mountains, the land of ice and snow. Where once thriving civilizations now stand in ruins scattered across the peaks. From mountain cottage to stone castle, these now abandoned buildings only house monsters of the fiercest kind. With that said, here is the Valheim Mountain Monster Guide to aid you in your journey.

Valheim Mountain Monster Guide


Once mans best friend, these wild hounds now follow no man as they hunt in packs in the frozen tundra of the Mountains. This hungry pup is tamable, but will only follow the ones they trust and deem worthy. Once you’ve earned the loyalty of the Wolf they will follow you into battle and even be willing to die for you.

Items Dropped:

Raw Meat
Wolf Fang
Wolf Pelt
Wolf Trophy


The most common form of the Frost Wyrms are the Drakes. The males, smaller in size, are often seen poised by rocky nests guarding the eggs. They are always ready to attack any foe that wanders too close to their beloved youth.

Items Dropped:

Frost Glands
Drake Troph


These Golems once guarded the most precious treasures of the now forgotten people of the mountains. Now they rest, with only the last command of kill all trespassers left in their memory, waiting to answer the call to defend.

Items Dropped:

Stone Golem Trophy


“What kind of wolf sounds like that?” These words are often the last spoken before a Viking comes face to face with the menace of the mountain. This spawn of Loki is fast and fierce. They also enjoy “playing” with their food as they stalk and hunt them in the cold mountain night.

Items Dropped:

Wolf Fang
Fenring Trophy


The Female Frost Wyrm are much larger than the males and a rare sight to behold. Once they are angered, they provide a vicious foe who will not be satisfied even with your death. Moder is the largest of these Wyrms, and once you have angered her, she will devour you while mourning the loss of her eggs.

Items Dropped:

Moder Trophy
Dragon Tears

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