The Ocean, unlike other games traveling the Ocean is an absolute must in Valheim. But while you are traveling from island to island searching for your perfect biome, use the Valheim Ocean Monster Guide to know what to expect while sailing the high seas.

Valheim Ocean Monster Guide


This is no island, this giant beast floats in the oceans of Valheim simply minding their own business. Unfortunately for them, Vikings aren’t the kind of folk to let peaceful being rest in piece, unless its the dead kind. RIP, well lucky for you they have abyssal barnacles growing on their back that you can claim for yourself as they scream in fear and run away from you.

Items Dropped:

Chitin (minable) 


The (currently) most dangerous creature in the entire ocean, this slithering snake isn’t your common garden variety. Tired of eating puny fish, and not able to devour a Leviathan, these Serpents are just waiting for the perfect meal to come cruising along, perhaps something Viking shaped. If you haven’t made a harpoon you probably should just flee from these beasts for as long as they are in the water they are difficult to kill.

Items Dropped:

Serpent Meat
Serpent Scale

At this time, the Ocean doesn’t have a boss to fight, but if you want to learn how to fight the other Bosses of Valheim