The Swamps, or better known as the moist yuck lands because it never stops raining here. If you ever plan to visit this dreary land be sure to pack an umbrella and a few stamina potions as you will always be “wet” causing a debuff to your health and stamina. Also brush up on your monster info by using this Valheim Swamp Monster Guide.

Valheim Swamp Monster Guide


No game is complete without everyone’s favorite bulimic mob. These brittle monsters enjoy to attack in groups, which typically isn’t a difficult challenge to deal with. Just make sure you bash their skulls in one extra time to ensure they don’t want to return again.

Items Dropped:

Bone Fragments
Skeleton Trophy


The warriors who fought in the final battle against the gods will not surrender. Not until their bodies are dust, and the dust long gone. They return as Draugr, unholy walkers in ancient armor, creatures of rust and despair. Break them, bury them, let them know they are dead.

Items Dropped:

Draugr Trophy


The Draugr Elite are the captains from the now forsaken army. Some believe that even had to sacrifice one of their eyes to prove their loyalty, and their arm for loosing a battle. These husky foes are not as easy to dispatch, but fear not, as they will fall beneath your blade.

Items Dropped:

Draugr Elite Trophy


What vile and grotesque matter created such a creature without flesh, bone, or form. This creature is like the spawn of poison itself, as it drags and flings its “body” across the swamp seeking it next victim to consume in a cloud of deadly gas.

Items Dropped:

Scrap Iron


If the Oozer wasn’t bad enough, it went and created offspring. Using complex mathematics it divides its “body” so it can multiply, ever increasing the sum of its whole to subtract their enemies. 

Items Dropped:

Blob Trophy


From the lost souls that have died in the perilous swamps comes forth the Wraith, ever haunting the places they once defended as the living. With rattling chains wrapped around its ghostly form, these faceless enemies float high into the heavens only to descend upon the unaware intruder. 

Items Dropped:

Wraith Trophy


A moving flame, that marches through the land, seeking to engulf all it touches with fire. These evil imps think their pranks are funny as they launch fire at the living, only to enjoy the sight and smell of them burning.

Items Dropped:

Surtling Core
Surtling Trophy


Tread not in the waters of the swamp, as they hide a most vile creature. Swarm of Leeches hide beneath the waters surface waiting for their next meal to stumble into their feeding grounds. 

Items Dropped:

Leech Trophy


All the bones and gunk of the swamp formed into one creature. Bonemass is the abomination of the swamps, its protector and its destroyer. Any foe that dares to challenge the champion of the Swamps are met with the large mass of bones and toxic fumes. 

Items Dropped:

Bonemass Trophy

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